Naturally innovative, new ecoAIR+ PRO

Heat pumps
February 01, 2022

Ecoforest presents the new ecoAIR+ PRO, a new range of monobloc air source with new functionalities and new power ranges:

  • A natural refrigerant: propane, with exceptional working temperature and almost zero greenhouse emissions.
  • Temperatures above 70ºC, enabling its use in retrofit projects.
  • Wide modulation range and improved efficiency of the installation.
  • Hybrid installations: combination of the heat pump with photovoltaic panels.

Besides, the new ecoAIR+ PRO has the following power range:

  • ecoAIR+ 1-7 kW PRO
  • ecoAIR+ 1-9 kW PRO
  • ecoAIR+ 3-12 kW PRO
  • ecoAIR+ 3-18 kW PRO

Ecoforest specialists will introduce participants to the features of the new devices, tips and tricks for installations and case studies.


The course is aimed at installer, distributors and specialists interested in heat pumps.


Limited seats. Participants can register in the following link until 31 January:

Ecoforest – Heat Pumps

In 2012 Ecoforest launched its first geothermal heat pump. Currently, it is the only Spanish heat pumps manufacturer and the most specialised in Inverter technology.