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Integrated policy

All ECOFOREST members are committed to satisfythe legal and regulatory requirements of itscustomers, and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Quality, environment, safety and health Management System,. For this reason, we present below our Integrated Management System Policy:

The strategic line of the ECOFOREST group, consisting of BIOMASA ECOFORESTAL DE VILLACAÑAS SLU and ECOFOREST GEOTERMIA SL (design, manufacture and sale of stoves, boilers and Geothermal/aerothermic heat pumps) is the commitment to energy efficiency. As a manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, ECOFOREST seeks to implement the most advanced technologies in the air conditioning sector, with a clear commitment to investment in innovation and green power.

In ECOFOREST, we understand that, as a leading company in the air conditioning sector we have a clear commitment to our planet and therefore, environmental sustainability is one of the pillars underpinning our company. That is the reason why at ECOFOREST some basic principles of action are applied, as part of the company’s Environmental Policy:

  • Integration of environmental management and sustainable development in the company’s development plan.
  • Establishment of adequate management systems to encourage recycling within the company.
  • Use water resources, raw materials and energy resources in a sustainable manner, reducing the environmental impact in the area of operation.
  • Use and manage resources rationally minimizing the generation of waste, emissions and discharges, by establishing objectives.
  • Control of compliance with current legislation in all company centers in environmental and safety matters.
  • Development of a culture of innovation in all activities and technologies held within the company.
  • Communication and information to all workers about this Integrated Policy.

Communication and information to all workers about this Integrated Policy.

The Management Policy defined by the ECOFOREST board of directors pursues the following goals:

  • Ensure a methodology in terms of quality, environment and safety and health that clarifies the different processes and the relationships between them.
  • Reduce non-conformities to achieve a greater degree of satisfaction among our customers. For which methodologies type QRQC, KAIZEN, LEAN etc. are applied.
  • Motivate and train all company personnel so that they feel they are a central part of the quality level achieved in the final product, and make them feel part of it by encouraging collaboration and the assumption of the intrinsic responsibilities for the implementation of the system.
  • Plan and integrate the occupational risk prevention in the company’s management system, to ensure the health protection of our employees in all their activities and processes. To do so:
    • Risks will be avoided and unavoidable risks will be assessed periodically.
    • Risks will be fought against at their very origin.
    • Works Will be adapted to the people doing them.
    • Dangers will be substituted for other operations entailing little or no danger.
    • The health of the personnel will be periodically monitored.

Quality is everyone’s task, therefore, the active participation of all ECOFOREST personnel is essential, fostering teamwork, both in prevention and in the analysis and problema solving.

The management is committed to comply with the regulations and legislation in force and other requirements subscribed by the organization.

Through the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health objectives and its improvement projects, ECOFOREST translates this Management Policy into specific actions.

The management is committed to inform, train and develop workers awareness to work safely and maintain the accident rate to the minimum possible.

For all this, ECOFOREST has designed, implemented and kept updated its Quality and Environmental Management System, according to the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 45001, BSI-MCS (ING), FLAMME VERTE (FR), KEYMARK (EUR), WATERMARK (AUSTRALIA), NF 414 (FR), UL (EEUU), KIWA (IT), QMARK (USA/CANADA), AHRI (USA) and ENERGY STAR (USA).


Integrated policy

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