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The importance of environmentally friendly HVAC systems

The importance of environmentally friendly HVAC systems

Sustainability is a priority for European Union countries. The planet is in danger and all initiatives that help to curb the environmental impact will be very beneficial for the future. 

One of the ways to contribute to this is by choosing a climate control system for your home that is environmentally friendly. In this article, we tell you which systems are the most environmentally friendly and what benefits they have.

Reducing CO2 emissions with environmentally friendly HVAC systems

Energy consumption causes high CO2 emissions. These gases produce an imbalance in the atmosphere that increases the greenhouse effect and, as a result, causes great environmental damage. Conventional heating systems use fossil fuels, such as natural gas and diesel, which are highly polluting. For this reason, it is necessary to promote alternative heating systems that work with cleaner and more efficient energies, in order to face the climate challenge that we will face in the coming decades.

Consequently, at Ecoforest we have decided to opt for heating systems that do not emit gases into the atmosphere and that use clean energies. And how do we make this possible? By manufacturing systems that work with renewable energies that allow our heat pumps to extract the energy necessary for the production of cooling in summer, heating in winter and domestic hot water throughout the year. These are the HVAC systems that work with our ground source heat pumps and aerothermal heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps are those capable of extracting energy from the ground. This makes it possible to operate all year round, because the earth’s interior is always at the same temperature. Ecoforest’s ecoGEO heat pumps are the most efficient on the market due to their Inverter compressors, which allow a rational use of energy. In addition, ecoGEO pumps are compact, do not take up much space and are easy to install.

Aerothermal heat pumps are those capable of extracting energy from the air. These pumps allow substantial savings, due to their high efficiency. Thanks to IVI technology, these pumps work very efficiently in places with extreme temperatures.

In addition to being environmentally responsible and efficient, these two systems are much more economical than conventional heating systems. Although they require a large investment initially, they are much cheaper in the long run and you will notice it on your electricity bill.

Mitigate environmental impact with efficient systems

To reduce the environmental impact of energy consumption, it is necessary to use systems that are powered by clean, natural energy efficiently. This means choosing energy-efficient systems, i.e. systems that consume less energy than they generate. A good example of this is the heat pump system, which generates four times more energy than it needs. 

Energy efficiency is an important goal because it protects the environment by reducing energy intensity and getting users used to consuming only what they need.

One of the most outstanding features of Ecoforest heating systems is precisely their high efficiency. The R&D department has developed and patented two products that are unique in the world, the ecoSMART e-manager and the ecoSMART e-system. These energy managers manage energy storage in a more efficient way, because they collect information on the balance between energy consumed and delivered to the grid at any given moment and, based on the data collected, they are able to modify the parameters of the Ecoforest heat pumps in real time to improve their performance, allow storage in the form of heat and/or cold, and even perform a zero balance between production and consumption.

The combination of Ecoforest’s ecoAIR and ecoGEO heat pumps with the ecoSMART range is undoubtedly the most efficient installation in the world.

At Ecoforest, we work continuously to offer efficient, economical and eco-friendly products, which makes us an example of sustainability and ecology. If you want to know more details about our products, you can contact us through our website. 

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