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How to reduce energy consumption with geothermal energy in five easy steps

How to reduce energy consumption with geothermal energy in five easy steps

Ground source energy is a renewable energy obtained by making boreholes in the ground. This energy is one of the most economical and efficient sources currently available, yet it is still unknown to many people.

HVAC systems that work with geothermal energy are highly efficient. Ground source heat pumps allow you to acclimatise your home and provide you with domestic hot water (DHW) at a very low cost. 

In this article, we want to tell you how you can reduce your energy consumption by using this innovative system that makes use of clean and economical energy.

Highly efficient renewable energy

When we say that ground source heat pumps are highly efficient, we mean that they need much less energy than they produce to operate. In fact, they can produce up to 5 kW of heat for every 1 kW of electricity consumed. 

As a highly efficient system, you won’t need to consume a lot of energy. This will be reflected in your heating bill, as you can save up to 80% compared to traditional heating systems. In a short time, you will see that your costs have been reduced considerably. Although the installation cost is higher than that of conventional heating systems, in the long term you will see that the cost is much lower, as well as offering both heating and cooling, unlike gas and oil boilers.

Also, as it is an air conditioning system that uses renewable energy, the environmental impact is much less negative. Geothermal heat pumps emit hardly any CO2, making it one of the few systems that do not cause an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases. 

As you can see, ground source heat pumps are systems that use clean, economical and highly efficient energy. In addition, they can be installed quickly and easily, in new buildings and renovations with space to drill the wells, and they do not require a lot of maintenance. This will save you more costs and you will avoid the hassle of servicing and maintenance, which is necessary in the case of conventional gas or oil boilers.

Steps to find out which geothermal heating system suits your needs

Now that you know all the benefits of geothermal heat pumps, you may be wondering what the steps are for installing geothermal energy.

The first step is to find out what geothermal energy is and what its applications are. As mentioned above, geothermal heating systems extract energy from the ground. The temperature of the ground is stable throughout the year. This allows ground source heat pumps to operate stable all the time, as weather changes do not affect their operation.  Thanks to the thermal benefits of the subsoil, this system will produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and domestic hot water (DHW) throughout the year.

Once you know how it works, it is good to know the temperature of the ground where your house, residential building or office is located. In this respect, we would like to reassure you that geothermal heat pumps extract heat from the ground in areas of 0-30ºC, and the ground in Europe is ideal for this HVAC and DHW system.

It is also important to know that ground source heat pumps can be installed in any building, whether it is a single-family home or a residential building. There are different models and it is best to seek advice from an expert.

This brings us to the next step, which is to call the company that installs and distributes the heat pumps, so that you can get their advice. This will give you a clearer idea of what types of ground source heat pumps are available and which ones are most beneficial in your particular case.

And the last step would be to find out about the different geothermal heat pumps and their features, in order to choose which one to buy. At Ecoforest, we have a wide range of ground source heat pumps with power ranging from 1 kW to 600 kW. Its innovative technology allows the modulation of the heat pump according to the needs demanded by the installation, this reduces installation costs, space, longer life and higher performance throughout the year. This is because Ecoforest’s ecoGEO geothermal heat pumps incorporate inverter technology with variable speed compressors, which regulate the power. In addition, Ecoforest has designed simpler and more compact geothermal pumps, which allow certain components to be omitted, making them easier to install and taking up less space.

As you can see, it will not be a problem to change your old installation for geothermal heat pumps or geothermal boilers as it is a very simple process. We recommend that you call Ecoforest as soon as possible to find out more about the procedure and the steps to follow. This way, you will have it clear from the beginning, you will be able to start the procedure as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of this clean energy with which you will save money while taking care of the planet.

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