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ecoAIR+ 3-12 PRO

Air source heat pump with natural refrigerant (R290). Perfect for new constructions and renovations

In its commitment to a sustainable world, Ecoforest has developed the most advanced technology to give the market a unique product.

EcoAIR+ PRO is the first monoblock air source heat pump that uses a natural refrigerant and has modulation ratios of up to 80%. The greenhouse effect associated with the use of propane gas as a refrigerant, is about 700 times less than that of the most common refrigerant gases in current equipments.

Thanks to the use of propane, it is possible to produce hot water with temperatures of over 70 ° C very efficiently, that is, temperatures very similar to those produced by inefficient gas or oil boilers. This facilitates its replacement without having to change the heat emitting system, even if they are old radiators.


ecoAIR+ 3-12 PRO

  • Leistung: 3-12 kW
  • Wirkungsgrad: bis zu 400 %.
  • Dienstleistungen: Heizung, Kühlung und Schwimmbad
  • Hybridisierung mit photovoltaischer Energie
  • Emissionssysteme: Heizkörper, Fußbodenheizung, Gebläsekonvektoren
  • Erneuerbare und saubere Energie – Aerothermie
  • Niedrige CO2-Emissionen
  • Kompakte Installationen
  • Vollständige Kontrolle über Ihr Zuhause, ohne vor Ort zu sein: ecoSMART easynet
  • H x B x T : 973mm x 1150mm x 475mm

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