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ecoAWARDS 2023

The submission deadline has passed! Get to know the awarded installations in the ecoAWARDS and get inspiration for your next projects.

How could you participate?

The ecoAWARDS recognize the best installations including Ecoforest heat pumps to promote heat pump installation and outline examples of good practices in energy efficiency.

Any Ecoforest customer can send their domestic or high power installations. The deadline ends on the 22nd of September 2023. All details are available on the awards terms and conditions.


  1. Select your best domestic and/or high power installations.
  2. Download the participant template.
  3. Collect photos and get data to back the energy efficiency of the projects.
  4. Fill in a template per project.
  5. Submit the template via the form by September 22, 2023.
  6. Unlock heat pumps and how their efficiency to the world!

The winners will receive a trophy, a commemorative diploma and a trip to the Balearic Islands  in Spain (or similar destination). The prize is detailed in the ecoAWARDS rules.

Participant Form

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    Project information

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