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Air source: High power AU range

Air source: High power AU range

Air source: High power AU range

The combination of our ecoGEO heat pumps and our outdoor air units (AU) is an entirely different way to make aerothermal energy using the high performance and unique characteristics of our ecoGEO but in a more affordable way. This type of installation can substitutes or complement the geothermal wells as a method of capture by one or more aerothermal units (AU). In this way we get to use the energy of the air to produce ACS, heating and cooling. It should also be noted that with this type of aerothermal energy we have access to all the advantages of the heat pumps ecoGEO HP.

Au range, design for big installations

The AU range consists of air-source units of different power ranges (50 kW / 100 kW / 150 kW). Unlike all other products on the market, the AU range can be used as a source of collection for our ecoGEO heat pumps, replacing or even complementing geothermal collection (exclusive Ecoforest hybridisation) in installations where boreholes is not possible or is limited.

With the ecoSMART e-manager it’s possible to manage up to four different sources of energy capture simultaneously. For the first time it’s now possible to combine ecoGEO HP heat pumps with external aerothermal units, lowering the cost of the systems of capture and allowing more versatile and efficient installations.

Technical data and advantages

  • Power: 50kW / 100kW / 150kW
  • Weight: – / – kg / –
  • Compatible with models B2, B4, C2 and C4 of the domestic range of ecoGEO heat pumps
  • Temp. range: -15ºC a 45ºC
  • Dimensions:
  • Variable speed control of the fan
  • Exclusive hydraulic installation
  • Defrost the aerothermal sources without using the compressor (greatly increasing the performance) and without the need to reverse the cycle (elimination of waiting times)
  • Continuous operation, sequential defrosts when there is more than one aerothermal source.
Air source: High power AU range
Air source: High power AU range

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