8 tips to save energy in spring
Save energy tips for the spring. Ecoforest.

8 tips to save energy in spring

Spring is the favorite season for many people, because temperatures are higher and the sun shines brighter. During this period, heating is rarely turned on, allowing us to save a bit more energy. However, the household still consumes electricity and generates costs. But with these simple tips that we present below, you will be able to save energy in spring without it being a great effort.

1. Insulate the home

Insulating the home is essential to prevent cold air from entering. Check doors, windows, ventilation ducts, and extractors to detect and control possible air leaks.

If the leaks are simple, you can easily repair them yourself, but if not, you can always seek the help of a professional. To insulate windows affordably, you can use weatherstripping. These are placed on the edges of the window frame, tightly sealing the opening and preventing cold air from entering and heat from escaping. You can also install blinds, although they may be slightly less effective

2. Lower the water heater temperature.

Some water heaters are set at temperatures that are too high, around 60°C. This temperature is excessively hot for us and even harmful to the pipes. Therefore, we also recommend that you lower the water heater temperature by about ten or twenty degrees. This way, you will be able to save energy without hardly noticing the difference

3. Take shorter showers.

Taking shorter showers is also a good way to save energy. Reducing shower time to a maximum of 5 minutes helps to reduce water consumption. Also, it is important to turn off the water while soaping and avoid using high-power bathroom items. This way, you won’t waste more water than you really need

4. Wash with cold water.

Washing clothes with cold water is an effective way to save energy. By washing clothes with cold water, the energy required to heat the water is reduced, which in turn reduces electricity consumption.

The same applies when washing dishes by hand; if you wash them with cold water, you will reduce hot water consumption. Your dishes will still be cleaned just as well.

5. Unplug appliances.

Unplugging appliances when you aren´t using them will reduce your electricity consumption. Some appliances stay on all day, and even when we turn them off, they remain plugged in constantly. Unplugging these appliances is necessary because it consumes less energy and is also safer. You should know that appliances such as the television, radio, or coffee maker continue to consume energy even when they are in standby mode or even turned off, so remember to unplug them.

6. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

Turning off lights is essential, but what happens when you have to keep them on for long periods of time due to lack of natural light? In these cases, the best option is to replace your home light bulbs with low-energy ones (LED). Although LED bulbs have a higher cost, they consume much less electricity and have a longer lifespan.

7. Choosing the best electricity tariff.

Although there are several electricity tariffs available, the truth is that many people do not review which is the best option before contracting it. This is a big mistake because you are likely to end up paying more than you should.

Check which tariffs best suit your needs. Some people benefit from a fixed electricity tariff, but others only consume electricity at certain peak times, so a variable tariff is much better suited to their needs and will allow them to save.

8. Using the most efficient air conditioning system.

Choosing an efficient climate control system is essential for saving energy, both in spring and throughout the year. At Ecoforest, we have been manufacturing highly efficient ground-source and air-source heat pumps for many years. We can assure you that the long-term energy consumption is much lower and therefore much more cost-effective than conventional heating systems.

Now that you know these simple tips for saving energy in the spring, we hope you apply them all so that your expenses are significantly reduced without sacrificing the comfort you deserve.

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