Air source heat pumps as an alternative to natural gas or oil boilers
Ecoforest air-source heat pump installation.

Air source heat pumps as an alternative to natural gas or oil boilers

If you are looking for an ecological alternative to natural gas or oil boilers, we encourage you to discover air source heat pumps. This HVAC system will allow you to have heating, cooling and hot water in your home or business at a lower cost than with a natural gas or oil boiler, and you will not only save money but also help the planet by emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere.

For those who still have doubts about this type of alternative, aerothermal energy is a clean technology that allows you to extract the energy contained in the outside air to heat spaces through heat pumps. These units acclimatise spaces by transporting heat, so that in summer they transport heat from the interior spaces to the exterior to cool them and in winter they transport heat from the exterior to heat the interior.

Advantages of air source heat pumps

The air source heat pump system is one of the most efficient on the market, as it produces much more energy than it uses. These machines are capable of extracting up to 77% of the energy from the ambient air for free. To give you an idea, for every kilowatt (kW) of electricity consumed, between 3 and 5 kW of heat is transferred. Moreover, if you choose a system with Inverter technology, your equipment will be even more efficient as it will adapt to the heating needs of the installation at all times.

It is also a very economical system, as it will save you money on your electricity and fuel bills. Although the installation cost may be a little higher, in the long run it is much cheaper because it consumes little and the maintenance cost is minimal.  

On the other hand, it is also a much more environmentally friendly system. The air source heat pump extracts its energy from a natural resource and emits far fewer CO2 emissions than any other type of conventional heating system, such as those that run on gas or diesel. 

Finally, another of its advantages is that it is very simple and compact to install. As it takes up very little space, it is an ideal system for all types of spaces, even the smallest homes. For this reason, it is one of the best heating systems for single-family homes. 

Air source heat pumps as an alternative to natural gas or oil boilers aerotermia, bombas de calor, climatización

Is it possible to replace gas or oil heating with fan heat?

It is possible to replace a gas or oil boiler installation with an air source heat pump. In fact, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the advantages of this new HVAC system and many are opting to switch. Nowadays, users prefer to enjoy the comfort of their homes with heating that is both efficient and sustainable.

The installation of heat pumps is very simple, especially if you decide to keep the radiators and the previous installation. The first thing we recommend is that you contact experts. This way, having all the information about your boiler, they will install a type of air source heat pump tailored to your home. In fact, one of the options is to combine the boiler with the heat pump, which is known as a hybrid system.

As you can see, you have the possibility of changing or combining different systems with total ease. So we encourage you to try this new, more modern and efficient system. 

If you have any doubts or questions about this type of installation, we encourage you to contact us and find the nearest installer or distributor, as our group of experts will help you to understand the process as well as showing you the type of heat pump that is most suitable for your home.

ecoAIR air source heat pumps

As we have already mentioned, air source heat pumps are one of the most efficient HVAC systems available. And at Ecoforest, we have been working for years to offer you the best options on the market. That is why we would like to introduce you to the features of the ecoAIR air source monobloc heat pumps, characterised by their high performance, simple installation and good operation in any climate, due to their highly resistant casing which prevents deterioration of the software, which has been fully designed by the Ecoforest R&D team.

The ecoAIR  heat your home in winter, cool it in summer and provide you with hot water all year round. In addition, the ecoAIR PRO range is one of the first air source heat pumps to use natural refrigerant, which allows high flow temperatures to be reached even with extreme external temperatures. Moreover, as they are able to supply water above 70ºC, they are perfect for renovation works in which the emission system is radiators, although we know that their maximum efficiency and greater comfort is achieved with underfloor heating, the most efficient emission system and the most comfortable.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a very innovative product that also incorporates a Scrol+Inverter compressor that enhances its effectiveness. The compressor is the fundamental element of a heat pump, as it is what allows the refrigerant liquid to be compressed to achieve the correct exchange temperature with the home. In this case the Scroll compressor improves performance and reduces noise, the Inverter regulates the power to adapt at all times to the demands of the home.

If we think about quality/price, aerothermal heat pumps are your best option as their features are unbeatable. Although the installation price of the equipment may be somewhat higher in the long run, as we have mentioned, it will be much more cost-effective. 

If you are looking for the most effective and economical air conditioning system, we recommend that you contact us so that we can explain everything you need to know about aerothermal pumps and we can recommend the best option for your installation.

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