Cool your home this summer with aerothermal energy
Cool your home this summer with aerothermal energy

Cool your home this summer with aerothermal energy

In the summer months, there is nothing better than cooling off with air conditioning (AC). However, conventional AC systems, although widely used, have a high cost due to their low efficiency. We are aware of this, so we would like to introduce you to some cooling systems that will cool your home economically and that you may not have known about: aerothermal air conditioning.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can cool your home with air-to-water aerothermal heat pumps and save money on your electricity bill.

An ecological and economical renewable energy

Many people associate thermal energy with heating and domestic hot water systems, but aerothermal energy systems are also capable of providing domestic and commercial air conditioning, at an economical price and with little environmental impact.

This energy system has numerous advantages, which is why it is increasingly in demand. Aerothermal energy systems are very efficient; for every 1 kW of energy they consume to operate, they generate 4 kW of heat energy. In addition, they are intelligent systems that are able to cool only those areas that need to be heated. In this way, they use only the necessary energy, without wasting electricity.

It is also an environmentally friendly system that uses renewable energy to operate: the outside air. For the same reason, the environmental impact is very small, as it does not generate CO2, a gas that enhances the greenhouse effect and causes environmental damage.

It is also a very economical system. If you install an aerothermal heat pump in your home, you get a very efficient air-conditioning system because part of the energy consumed is extracted from the air for free. Although the initial investment in aerothermal pumps may be higher than traditional systems, the electricity consumption is so low that in the long run it is much more economical, as well as being environmentally friendly. In a short time, you will see how the cost of your electricity bill decreases.

Simplicity and efficient

Aerothermal air conditioning is a system that uses energy from the ambient air to produce cooling. Thanks to its modern technology, it is able to extract up to 77% of the ambient energy from the air using heat pumps, free of charge.

Aerothermal heat pumps are HVAC systems that work thanks to the energy they extract from the ambient air. In winter, to heat the home, it extracts heat from outside and transfers it to the home. On summer days, it does the process in reverse: it extracts heat from inside the home and expels it outside. In this way, aerothermal pumps produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and domestic hot water (DHW) all year round, with high efficiency.

There are two types of aerothermal heat pumps, air-to-air aerothermal pumps and air-to-water aerothermal pumps.

Air to air heat pumps

With air-air heat pumps, the heat is transported to the outside and the equipment transfers fresh air directly to the room through fan coils, in summer and in winter it extracts the heat from the outside air and introduces it into the house through fan coils.

Air to water heat pumps

With air-water heat pumps, energy is extracted from the ambient heat and the heat exchange is carried out in a water circuit that is cooled or heated. This hot or cold water is then used to heat the room air through two possible conduits: underfloor heating/cooling, radiators or fan coils. In addition, they can also heat the DHW in the home.

We recommend that you get to know Ecoforest’s aerothermal pumps, as they are a good option on the market due to their high efficiency. Thanks to EVI technology, they are able to achieve high power when outdoor temperatures are extreme. In addition, we now have a complete range of aerothermal heat pumps with natural refrigerant, this type of refrigerant will be the future of aerothermics.

Thanks to aerothermal heat pumps, you will be able to acclimatise your home without spending more than necessary, and you will also contribute to reducing the environmental impact without affecting your pocket. If you have any doubts, we invite you to go to our website and write to us with your questions, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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