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Do you know what the ideal heating temperature is at home?. Ecoforest.

Do you know what the ideal heating temperature is at home?

On cold days, the body asks for extra warmth. That’s why, in winter, we take out our blankets and warm clothes to keep warm at home, but sometimes that alone is not enough. On days when temperatures are cooler, we have to turn on the heating to really warm up.

We know that the price of gas worries you, but there is a way to use the heating in an ecological and efficient way, by setting it to the recommended temperature.

What temperature is recommended

When people get too cold, they tend to turn the heating up too high. Normally, the first impulse is to turn it up to the maximum, which in most cases is around 30 degrees. This is a big mistake, as it wastes heat unnecessarily. 

The ideal temperature for your home is between 19-21°C during the day and 15-17°C at night. if there is someone at home, it is best to set the thermostat to 20-21 °C. And if it is at night and the house is empty, it is better to set the thermostat at a lower temperature. Otherwise, we would not be using it efficiently and that heat would be wasted energy.

However, if your home is in between these temperatures and you are still cold, try layering up with more layers of clothing, rather than thicker clothing. Layering will help to create air chambers between clothes and insulate you from the cold.

What other factors influence the temperature of your home?

Not all homes are the same temperature. There are several factors that contribute to a house being colder or colder and these should be taken into account when calculating how hot you want the heating to be and for how long you want to keep it on.

One of them is the orientation of the house. As you may already know, south-facing houses have more advantages than others, as the sun shines on them for most of the day. This increases the temperature of the house, and will save more on heating costs throughout the year.

Another major factor is the size of the house. Heating a small house is not the same as heating a detached house. And, in addition to the cubic metres, the height of the ceilings must also be taken into account, since the higher the ceiling, the longer it will take to heat up.

The climate zone where you live also has an influence, as living in the south of Spain is not the same as living in the north. And even living in the north, there are areas of higher humidity and drier areas. In more humid places, it is advisable to combine heating with a good dehumidifier to get rid of the uncomfortable sensation of the damp cold.

Finally, one of the factors that directly affect the temperature of your home in winter is the lack of thermal insulation. Homes that are not well insulated are much colder. The good thing is that it is easy to solve, as by checking the whole house you will be able to see where the cold is coming in and insulate it better.

If you want to save on heating this year, take into account all the factors that influence the temperature in your home and the recommendations on the ideal temperature that the experts advise you on. We also advise you to prepare your home for the winter so that you can say goodbye to the cold without abusing the heating so much.

Also, at Ecoforest, we have highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems that will help you save even more on your electricity bill. If you want to get rid of your traditional system, we advise you to call us and discover the advantages of all our products.

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