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ecoAIR+ PRO: the propane heat pump range with proven efficiency

After more than two years on the market, the Ecoforest ecoAIR+ PRO range has proven its efficiency and versatility: it is suitable for retroffitting projects with radiators as it works with heating temperatures of more than 70ºC and uses a natural refrigerant, propane, which has a low global warming impact index (GWP: 3).

Advantages: ecoAIR+ PRO

While in 2023 other heat pump brands are launching their first models with natural refrigerant (R290) to replace synthetic refrigerants (e.g. R32), the ecoAIR+ PRO has been in the market for two years. The Ecoforest air-to-water heat pumps offer a complete range from 1kW to 18 kW power.

The use of natural refrigerants such as R290 is a natural choice to limit the environmental impact of synthetic refrigerants. In addition, the use of propane as a refrigerant in heat pumps has the added value of allowing high-flow temperatures, which means that this type of heat pump can be used in installations with radiators, where the flow temperature is higher than in systems with fan coils or underfloor heating. The ecoAIR+ PRO heat pumps can maintain these high-flow temperatures even in extreme climate conditions.

Furthermore, Ecoforest offers a quick delivery time. Consult our catalogue of air-to-water heat pumps and choose the model that better fits your needs.

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