Ecoforest and Nuenta participate at the InstallerSHOW (27-29 June)
Ecoforest and Nuenta Participate at the InstallerSHOW (Birmigham, 27 – 29 June).

Ecoforest and Nuenta Participate at the InstallerSHOW (Birmingham, 27 – 29 June)

A curbed environmental impact, a unique efficiency and exceptional working temperatures are some of the advantages offered by heat pumps running with natural refrigerant. The manufacturer Ecoforest offers a complete range of air-base heat pumps with natural refrigerant and the first ground-source heat pump with natural refrigerant.

Both Ecoforest and Nuenta, unique distributor of Ecoforest in the UK, will be participating at the stand number B30 in the InstallerShow fair (27 – 29 June, Birmingham). 

ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO: Shortlisted as the Best Heat Pump in the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards

The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO has been selected by the British ACR Journal & Heat Pumps Today as one of the best heat pumps in the market. The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO heat pump is the only water-to-water heat pump model with natural refrigerant that can be installed indoors. This model combines several features that make it the most efficient and compact solution for sustainable housing:  

  • Natural refrigerant. The use of propane (R290) reduces the environmental impact of the heat pump and allows a wider operation map, being able to reach higher temperatures on production and keep working both at higher and lower temperatures.
  • Indoor installation. The ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO contains only 150 grams of propane, allowing it to be installed indoors without any additional security system.
  • Suitable for energy-efficient buildings. The low power of this pump makes it the ideal choice for energy-efficient homes such as Passive House or BREEAM certified buildings.

In addition, the ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO heat pump offers a wide modulation range thanks to Inverter technology and easy integration with photovoltaic systems. 

All Ecoforest heat pumps offer telematic management of the installation through ecoSMART Easynet, where installers can check the status and operation of all heat pumps. 

Ecoforest and Nuenta Participate at the InstallerSHOW (Birmingham, 27 - 29 June) HVAC, InstallerSHOW, sustainability

ecoAIR+ PRO: Complete Range of Air-source Heat Pumps with Natural Refrigerant 

The ecoAIR+ PRO air-source heat pump range offers a wide power range: from 1 kW to 18 kW. The range comprises four models: ecoAIR+ 1-7 PRO, ecoAIR+ 1-9 PRO, ecoAIR+ 3-12 PRO and ecoAIR+ 3-18 PRO. All of them offer the following advantages: 

  • Suitable for retrofitting. The use of the natural refrigerant R290 allows a wide range of operations: these aerothermal heat pumps produce DHW at more than 70 ºC, which makes it possible to conserve radiators during renovations. 
  • Rapid defrosting system: DDC. The proprietary Dynamic Defrosting Cycle (DDC) technology prevents the compressor from stopping during the defrosting process, which shortens the defrosting time and therefore increases the efficiency of the pump.
  • Hybridisation with photovoltaics as standard. The entire range features the integrated ecoSMART e-manager energy manager, which converts surplus electrical energy into thermal energy and increases the home’s independence from the grid.

Webinar: Naturally Innovative, Ecoforest at the InstallerSHOW 2023

This new webinar is designed both for those who have the opportunity to come to our stand in Birmingham to explore Ecoforest and the Marlec EV charger and e-boost. Also for those who cannot but would like to be kept up to date with all the news coming from Ecoforest during the second half of 2023.

Ecoforest and Nuenta Participate at the InstallerSHOW (Birmingham, 27 - 29 June) HVAC, InstallerSHOW, sustainability

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