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Ecoforest, innovation and quality backed by more than 50 years of experience

Ecoforest, innovation and quality backed by more than 50 years of experience

For decades Ecoforest has been heating homes with its innovative air conditioning and cooling systems in a sustainable and efficient way. Today, our company is the market leader in biomass heating and has a wide range of heat pump systems. In today’s article, we tell you about our origins and Ecoforest our products.

A history of technology and innovation

Ecoforest was founded in Vigo in 1959 by its owner, José Carlos Alonso, whose aim was to develop innovative products that were both economical and environmentally friendly. More than 50 years have passed since then and Ecoforest has become the technological leader in the heating and air conditioning sector, with solutions based solely on clean and natural energy.

Throughout these years, Ecoforest has stood out for its initiative and innovative character. In 1992, it became the first pellet stove manufacturer in Europe and currently offers more than 30 models and a wide international presence.

In 1993, it also revolutionised the pellet heating market with the development of its pellet hydro-stoves. From the begining, these heating systems showed a very high performance and very low consumption and environmental impact, thanks to their exchangers for boilers and thermo-stoves. Today, it is the best-selling product in the pellet range.

In 2012, Ecoforest decided to invest in another sustainable system: heat pumps. Ecoforest became the first Spanish company to manufacture them. Today, thanks to their Inverter technology, heat pumps have become the best option for heating and cooling services in an ecological, economical and efficient way.

Over the years, Ecoforest has expanded around the world and we are now present in more than 30 countries. To meet our customers’ demands, in August 2018, we opened our new headquarters in Nigrán, near Vigo, with more than 13,500 m² of surface. This new factory has allowed us to increase our production by more than 300%. And, of course, this building is acclimatised with two geothermal heat pumps combined with photovoltaic panels.

Today, our R&D department continues to work to provide our customers around the world with the most innovative and efficient products on the market.

Ecoforest HVAC systems

Ecoforest offers a wide range of HVAC systems that are affrodable, efficient and environmentally friendly. All the systems take advantage of green energies that do not harm the planet. In addition, they produce a minimum energy conssumption and are highly efficient. Below is an overview of all the systems currently available.

Aerothermal and geothermal heat pumps

Heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling system available today, producing five times more energy than they amount need to operate. Due to their high efficiency, heat pumps are capable of producing cooling in summer, heating in winter and DHW all year round and, thanks to EVI technology, they are able to achieve high outputs even in extreme climates.

At Ecoforest, we offer two types of heat pumps: aerothermal and geothermal. Aerothermal heat pumps extract energy from the ambient air and geothermal heat pumps extract energy from the ground. Both use clean energy that is environmentally-friendly, their efficiency is very high and they are more efficient than conventional heating systems. In addition, thanks to Ecoforest’s technology and experience, their design is compact, so they fit anywhere and are very easy to install.

Ecoforest heating systems

Pellet stoves and pellet boilers

Ecoforest pellet stoves and pellet boilers will offer you maximum quality in any space in your home. It is a natural, clean and very effective heating system. Within the range of Ecoforest pellet stovess, there are air stoves and ducted air stoves. The former are used to heat a single room in the home and the latter heat all the rooms through ducts distributed throughout the house.

Ecoforest also offers pellet boilers with high efficiency and low CO₂ emissions. Some of them have been approved with Class 5, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding European standards.

Furthermore, at Ecoforest we have a large number of accessories to ensure the perfect operation of these systems, such as DHW and buffer tanks, complete silo kits and zone managers.

Wood-burning cookers and boilers

Ecoforest wood stoves and wood boilers offer maximum performance. They both run on wood, an ecological and economical fuel that respects the environment.

Our range of wood burning cookers offers maximum comfort at home and an innovative design that adapts to various styles and decors. These cookers are the cookers of choice in many European homes during the winter.

At Ecoforest we offer a wide range of heating systems that have in common their high efficiency, their commitment to the environment and their accessibility. In addition, every day, we work to improve and offer the best service to our customers.  If you are interested in any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us. At Ecoforest, we have a installers and distributors network who will be able to advise you on everything you need.

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