¿Es bueno dejar la calefacción encendida todo el día?
Is it good to leave the heating on all day? calefacción, climatización

Is it good to leave the heating on all day?

When we leave the heating on all day, we manage to maintain an ideal temperature consistently. That’s why many people prefer to leave it on rather than turning it off and on intermittently. However, in the long run, this practice is counterproductive. In this post, we explain why you shouldn’t leave the heating on all day.

Does leaving the heating on consume less energy?

One of the most common beliefs about heating is that leaving it on all day at a comfortable temperature consumes less energy than turning it on and off multiple times a day.

While it is true that turning the heating on and off throughout the day results in excessive and unnecessary energy expenditure, keeping it at a medium temperature continuously doesn’t help with saving either.

That’s why we don’t recommend leaving the heating on all day. The main reason is the increase in energy costs. If it’s left on all day, the costs will significantly rise, posing a significant financial burden for the homeowner.

Moreover, keeping the heating on continuously can affect health. Heating systems can produce dry air, leading to health issues such as dry nasal passages, red eyes, and dry skin. Additionally, dry air can exacerbate allergy or asthma symptoms.

Apart from the increased energy costs and negative health impact, keeping the heating on all day is detrimental to the environment. Heating systems often run on fossil fuels, contributing to air pollution. This can lead to a significant increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.

For all these reasons, it is important to limit the use of heating to avoid these consequences. Turn off the heating when it is not necessary, for example, during the night when you go to sleep. With winter bedding, you won’t need any other heat source to keep warm.

Tips for a more efficient use of your heating

Using heating efficiently will help reduce your energy expenses. That’s why we advise you to follow these tips for proper use of your system. Avoid leaving the heating on all day while still maintaining a comfortable climate in your home.

1. Adjust your thermostat

The thermostat is our great ally when it comes to efficiency. It will be the device that allows us to regulate the temperature and avoid excessive energy consumption. To use your heating effectively and reduce your electricity bill, set the thermostat to a moderate temperature. In winter, it is recommended to set it below 21 degrees, and in summer, above 24 degrees.

2. Replace the air filters of your heating system regularly

Replacing air filters will ensure that the heating system functions properly and does not waste energy. Clean and well-maintained air filters save money and energy.

3. Clean the dust and dirt from your radiators

Just like air filters, dirty and dusty radiators are much less effective. That’s why you should clean them regularly, as this helps the heating system function properly and avoid wasting energy.

4. Use blinds and curtains to keep your home warm in winter

When we think about heating our homes, we often focus solely on the heating system. However, there are other elements that can also contribute to achieving thermal comfort in your living space. Using blinds and curtains in your home during winter can help block the cold from outside and save energy.

5. Turn off the heating when you’re not at home

When you’re away from home, there’s no need to keep the heating on all day. In fact, leaving it on while you’re away will waste a lot more energy and can damage your furniture. That’s why we recommend turning it off, which will also help reduce your electricity bill.

If you’re going on a trip for several days and want to heat your house before you arrive, turning it on a couple of hours before will be sufficient to achieve the thermal comfort you need when you arrive.

As you can see, these tips prevent you from leaving the heating on all day, as it would result in much higher energy consumption and a greater environmental impact.

We hope these tips help you reduce your electricity bill. And remember, for greater energy efficiency, the best recommendation we can give you is to replace your conventional heating system with a more modern one that operates with greater efficiency. For example, Ecoforest heat pumps, the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective system available on the market.

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