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False myths about heat pumps

The rise in electricity prices and environmental damages work as drivers for the development of new sustainable and affordable devices. Heat pumps are a low-cost, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating system, which turns them into one of the best solutions in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector. This article will contribute to debunk false myths on heat pumps.

False myth #1: heat pumps are not efficient

Currently, heat pumps are the most efficient heating system available. They are considered as a source of renewable energy, as they generate between five and six times the electricity they need to operate. Air-source heat pumps extract energy from the air. The most efficient equipment is able to generate between 4 and 5 kW thermal while they only consume 1kW of electricity.

Ground-source heat pumps extract energy from the ground or water. As both ground and water keep a constant temperature year round, ground-source heat pumps are able to get seasonal performance between 500% and even reaching 600%.

False myth #2: heat pumps are not performant in cold climates

Ground-source heat pumps are highly performant even in cold climate areas. Currently, air-source heat pumps also achieve high performance in areas with extreme climates, either with cold or hot temperatures. Specifically, ground-source heat pumps can operate in environments going down to -35ºC and air-source heat pumps, in -25ºC . Even in extreme conditions, heat pumps generate domestic heating, cooling and DHW without any difficulties.

Ecoforest has developed several projects in many extreme cold areas around the world. Their installation was successful thanks to their excellent performance. Our diversified air-source heat pump range achieves high power with outside extreme temperatures thanks to the use of propane.

External temperatures only affect air-source heat pumps, as ground-source heat pumps with boreholes going until 120/150 meters deep are able to keep stable temperatures at collection all year long and, therefore, show a better seasonal performance.

Heat pumps benefits all year long.

False myth #3: heat pumps are expensive

Currently, heat pumps are the most affordable option in the market in the long-term. Heat pumps rely on renewable sources and, therefore, they consumption of electricity is minimal. Air-source heat pumps are based on the air and geothermal heat pumps generate electricity from underground heat. Both sources, air and underground heat are renewable and free, therefore the heat pump user benefits from considerable savings in the electricity bill. On the other hand, conventional heating systems need more electricity or fossil fuels with a higher price.

The initial investment is the source of the false myth of heat pumps being expensive. Nonetheless, due to the low energy consumption and high efficiency, heat pumps users could recover/ the investment few years after the installation. Besides, if the investment is included in a mortgage or a bank loan, annual savings are considerable.

Another reason for the high performance of heat pumps is their long lifespan. Heat pumps average worklife surpasses many other systems. They need a minimal maintenance, which results in a safer and cheaper installation.

False myth #4: heat pumps are noisy

Both air-based and ground-based heat pumps are increasingly less noisy. Air-based heat pumps are installed in the exterior area (backyard) which reduces the nuisance. Ground-source heat pumps generate minimal noise event tough they are installed inside the house.

False myth #5: heat pumps are big and bulky

Home owners have an outdated idea on heat pumps size and installation. Nowadays, heat pumps are easy to install and require considerably less maintenance that conventional heating systems. Furthermore, Ecoforest heat pumps are more compact and have an easy installation since we develop devices with far less compounds.

At Ecoforest we have a large experience manufacturing and installing heat pumps. Heat pumps are highly efficient, environmentally friendly, economic, and easy to be installed and maintained, which makes them an optimal choice for a modern heating system. If you want more information on heat pumps, do not hesitate to contact Ecoforest.


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