Heat pump and solar panels, a suitable combination for air conditioning and heating needs
Solar panels and heat pumps, a combination for air conditioning and heating needs. Ecoforest.

Heat pump and solar panels, a suitable combination for air conditioning and heating needs

More and more homeowners look for environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional heating systems. In this article, we will discuss a proposal that matches environmental sustainability and affordability: the combination of heat pump and solar panels. We will explore the advantages of installing a heat pump with solar panels and how it can benefit your house.

Heat pumps

The heat pump technology is based on thermodynamics and, therefore, the relations between heat and other forms of energy, allowing energy transfer between different environments. Heat pumps can offer heating, domestic hot water and air conditioner services all year long.

This heating system is the most efficient in the market, as it generates five times the energy they need to work. Besides, the initial investment in the installation can be recovered thanks to savings in the energy bill. Heat pump systems also protect the environment, as this is a heating solution that does not emit CO₂, one of the greenhouse gases. This feature male this a suitable solution for those homeowners looking for an environmentally-friendly heating and air conditioning solution.

Besides, heat pumps are enduring appliances that can have a long lifespan with only annual maintenance to keep the efficiency of the installation. Another advantage comes from the size of modern heat pumps, with compact designs that take very little space. 

There are two types of heat pumps: ground-source heat pumps and air-source heat-pumps. Ground-source heat pumps collect the energy from the earth’s interior, while air-source heat pumps work with the ambient air. Both heat pumps use natural energy sources, which protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

All heat pumps users will see their electricity consumption reduced. But, there is a solution that can make you save even more on your electricity bills: the combination of heat pumps with solar panels in the same installation.

Solar panels and heat pumps. Ecoforest.

Solar energy

There are two types of solar energy: photovoltaic energy and solar thermal energy. Solar photovoltaic energy is based on the sun’s electromagnetic emissions to produce electricity. Photovoltaic panels are installed to produce electricity and transformers transform that energy into alternating current, suitable for self-consumption. Photovoltaic solar energy is used in small houses and power plants that generate energy for several houses. For homeowners, solar panels are usually installed on the roofs.

Solar thermal energy, by contrast, transforms energy from the sun into thermal energy.  A solar thermal collector stores domestic hot water that can provide large quantities for domestic use, planning for seasons with lower levels of solar radiation.

Both sun-based energies are expanding their user base as they are an environmentally-friendly, clean and efficient alternative to traditional technologies. Solar photovoltaic energy is the one suitable for heat pump systems.

Heat pump installations with photovoltaic energy

Heat pump installations paired with photovoltaic energy show several benefits in the economical, ecological and performance areas.

Air-source heat pumps can provide air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water all year long. This is accomplished through heat transfer between outdoor and indoor areas, and viceversa. Owning to the fact that heat pumps work with a compression cycle that requires very little energy, users will benefit from considerable savings. When heat pump installations count on photovoltaic panels connected to a battery, the energy consumption is reduced to the lowest level.

Photovoltaic energy will allow you to reduce your consumption in summer and optimize it in winter. Likewise, the optimal use of your heat pumps and efficient radiators as radiant floor will result in an even more efficient installation-

Installations that combine heat pumps and solar panels are one of the best choices, allowing you to save and keep your carbon footprint low. This combination can be implemented with the ecoGEO+ and ecoAIR+ range, able to manage surplus electricity. If you want to buy our heat pumps, we suggest you to contact Ecoforest to find your local installer.

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