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High prices on automatic and high efficiency pellet boilers?

High prices on automatic and high efficiency pellet boilers?

Nowadays, when we think on an automatic, high quality and highly efficient pellet boilers, the first thing that comes to our mind is the big Austrian pellet boiler brands.

However, this has changed since Ecoforest launched its new range of “VAP” pellet boilers. Boilers with automatic cleaning, exceptional qualities and with a technology developed by Ecoforest thanks to our great experience of more than 30 years, managing to develop a product capable of being competitive with any other pellet boiler.

But most importantly, why pay the high price of these products to pay for the name of certain Austrian brands? In Ecoforest we do not agree with this and that is why we offer to all our customers quality pellet boilers with a price between 40% and 50% below the big names.

But how do we manage to reduce costs?

First and foremost, by managing to develop a high quality, high efficiency, uniquely specified pellet boiler at a tighter price.

But we don’t stop there, thanks to the great control of the pellet boiler over the installation we also save on the accessories needed to carry out a correct installation.

Thanks to the control strategies, our Vap range is capable of ensuring direct delivery and to programmed temperature against any emission system (radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil units), always guaranteeing a return temperature above 45ºC, so it is not necessary to install three-way mixing valves for radiators, inertia tanks and anti-condensation valves, so the cost of the installation is reduced.

In addition, we include free control of the boiler via the Internet from anywhere around the world and from any device, whether PC or smartphone.

High prices on automatic and high efficiency pellet boilers?

A complete Ecoforest installation

We do not only sell boilers or pellet stoves, we sell complete heating systems and that is why we have our own range of DHW tanks, mixing groups and our range of silos controlled by the pellet boiler itself, making the total price of the installation even more competitive.

If you want to know more about the Vap range, here is an explanatory video.

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