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How to choose the best firewood for your fireplace

Firewood is one of the most widely used biofuels in Spain. Most of the wood extracted from the mountains is used to produce energy, both for domestic and industrial use.

When deciding which firewood is the most suitable for our heating system, we must take into account certain aspects that will help us to choose the best option. In today’s post, we tell you what to look out for and which is the best firewood for your fireplace.

What is the best firewood for your fireplace?

To choose the best firewood for your fireplace you must take into account certain aspects. One of them is the degree of humidity, which must be less than 20%. Otherwise, the heat generated by the wood cooker will be used to evaporate the moisture, not to provide heat. On the other hand, if it is too dry, the wood will burn too quickly and will not perform its task satisfactorily. This aspect should also be taken into account when storing firewood. Make sure it is not in a damp place that will spoil your firewood.

Another thing to look out for is the type of firewood. In wood-burning cookers, both hardwoods and softwoods are usually used. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are recommended for keeping the fire burning. The most commonly used are holm oak, walnut or oak wood, as they have a high calorific value. 

On the other hand, softwoods are ideal for lighting the fireplace and stoking the fire when the flame is dying out. This wood provides less heat, but ignites much sooner, so it is perfect for those moments when you want to heat up a room quickly. The most commonly used softwoods are spruce, pine, chestnut and cedar, among others.

Another aspect to consider is the calorific value of the wood. Normally, wood has a calorific value of between 4,420 and 4,540 kcal/kg. It will always be more appropriate to choose those with a higher kcal. In order not to waste the heat given off by the cooker when the wood is used, it is important to keep the room where the stove is installed closed so that no cold can enter from outside.

Wood derived from holm oak is considered the best wood for its high calorific value. In addition, it is very hard wood and very resistant to humidity. Another wood of great resistance and calorific value is oak wood. Finally, another aspect to take into account is the storage of firewood.

There is no point in having the best quality wood if you are not going to store it properly. It is best to store your firewood in a place that is not humid and is well ventilated, as humidity spoils it, reducing its combustion properties. In addition, it should not be in contact with the ground.

Ecoforest wood stoves

Present in thousands of European homes, wood-burning stoves are the perfect option for heating your home on the coldest days. That is why many people opt for this type of heating, which offers unparalleled comfort in the home.

Now that you know which is the best wood for your fireplace, we want to show you which are the best wood cookers for your home, as the best biofuel needs good machinery that makes everything work properly.

At Ecoforest, we have the best wood stoves on the market. We have two different models; the Eco 90 end the Ecoglass 90, which differ because of the front glass. Besides, we also have the Moscu insert, a high power insert model that can be connected to hot water system with radiators.

These stoves stand out for their channelling with auxiliary motor, their automatic start, their incredible ceramic insulation in the fireplace and a built-in design, with a black finish of classic and minimalist inspiration, which fits in homes of different styles, bringing beauty and elegance to the room where it is installed.

All models have a design and features that meet the needs of all types of consumers, being a good bet for natural, clean and environmentally responsible energy.

Because of all their advantages, we believe that Ecoforest wood stoves are perfect for you. Call us and we will tell you which of the models best suits your needs. At Ecoforest we have distributors throughout Spain and even abroad. We encourage you to buy one of our cookers and you will have it installed at home in less time than you expect.

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