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How to cool your home in the summer

Every summer is very hot, but this year it has exceeded all expectations. Faced with this situation, many people are looking for ways to cool their homes to make the high temperatures more bearable. In today’s article, we offer you some tips on how to cool your home in the best possible way.

Dress your home for summer

When summer arrives, we wear lighter clothes to keep cooler. With the house, you should do exactly the same. Free your house of all the winter elements that provide warmth. In addition to putting away blankets, you should remove winter curtains, carpets and cushion covers made of thick fabrics. You should replace warm fabrics with light fabrics in light tones such as white or beige. This will give you a greater feeling of freshness in your home.

In this sense, we also advise you to change your winter sheets for others made of cooler fabrics such as cotton or silk, as they tend to be much less hot. And if they are light-coloured, it will be even better.

Ventilate when it’s cold

We all know that it is important to ventilate the house, but the problem with doing so on hot days is that the heat from outside will be transferred to your home. That’s why we recommend that you ventilate when it’s cold. Ususally, you can expect the lowest temperatures early in the morning or late at night. In addition, we advise you not to air your home for more than ten minutes, so that you keep it cool without the risk of hot air coming in from outside.

Reduce the use of some appliances

Some household appliances generate a lot of heat, which can cause the house to overheat in summer. We know that some of them are essential, but others are not so essential. Appliances such as hair dryers and tumble dryers generate heat and are not really necessary in summer. Make the most of the sun to dry both your hair and your clothes, and you will avoid the heat in your home. As for the oven or toaster, we recommend that you use them sparingly, so that you don’t emit so much heat and don’t use so much electricity.

Apart from this, we also recommend that you cook cold dishes, so you avoid having to turn on the cooker and keep the house cooler. And if you want to cook something hot, use the extractor hood so that it can absorb some of the heat.

Water, your great ally

Water is a fundamental element that helps you to reduce the heat in summer in different ways. The first is by hydrating yourself. So drink plenty of water when you are at home because, apart from hydrating you, it will regulate your body temperature. Also, take several cold showers to cool down, take a cool bath when you need to, and you can reduce your body heat. And when you are sitting in your living room or bedroom, use a fan and tie an ice pack to it to get cooler air.

Another way to bring coolness into your home is to put in plants and water them constantly, thus cooling the atmosphere at the same time.

Use an efficient cooling system

And, of course, we must also suggest that you choose an air conditioning system that reduces the heat in your home. So that your electricity costs are not so high, we would like to recommend an air-conditioning system that hardly needs any electricity and is highly efficient: the aerothermal heat pump.

The aerothermal pump is the most efficient heating system currently available. Its intelligent system regulates the temperature according to the needs of each house in an exceptional way and avoids unnecessary energy consumption. In addition, it hardly needs electricity, as its energy source is the ambient air; an ecological, inexhaustible and renewable resource, which will allow you to save while protecting the environment.

At Ecoforest, we have designed the most efficient aerothermal pump on the market: The ecoAIR+ heat pump, the first monobloc pump that uses a natural refrigerant, is designed with Inverter technology and a Scroll compressor. High efficiency at the best price. If you don’t have one yet, don’t hesitate to choose this one.

These tips will help you to regulate the temperature in your home easily and the aerothermal pump will offer you great comfort in your home without excessive expenditure. We hope that these tips will help you to rest peacefully within the walls of your home during the summer season. And if you need more information about aerothermal pumps, we encourage you to contact us so that we can put you in contact with the partner in your area.

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