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HVAC Retrofit: a Step-by-Step Project

Summer days are known for many hours of light and sunshine. It is most people’s favourite season, as the warm temperatures allow you to spend long hours outdoors.

When the heat is too intense and constant, we also feel like staying indoors and enjoying the fresh temperatures offered by your cooling system.  Here, we explain the steps you need to follow to carry out the HVAC retrofit project to have a cooling and warming system in the same installation.

Administrative authorisations to install an air conditioning system

When we live in a house, the administrative authorisations are easier to solve because we own the entire building. However, when we want to install our heat pump system in an apartment, we have to apply for the necessary administrative authorisations to boost the retrofit project.

Nowadays, heat pumps system are enhanced versions of the old equipment. Thanks to new technologies, they take up less space and are versatile, being able to fit in any available space. Even so, there is a part of a heat pump that still needs to be installed outside the house.

In the case of aerothermal heat pumps, you will need to install an external part that will be responsible for collecting exterior ambient air to produce the energy. For this reason, it is necessary to check the municipal regulations in your city council or area. We advise you to go to your local council to ask for them as they will offer you all the guidance you will need. And if you contact Ecoforest, we will match you with the distributors in your area, who have previous experience and can offer a valuable advice.

The standards and regulations are a way of ensuring the quality of the system and its impact on the environment. They will check the modifications you need to make, the ducts to conduct the heat and cold air, and whether it produces thermal or noise pollution.

The aerothermal heat pumps have the advantage of being environmentally-friendly, they do not produce CO2, and are also and are cost-efficient. In many countries there are subsidies for installing heat pumps due to their lower environmental impact. Heat pumps are more secure than conventional air conditioning systems and more efficient..

Permissions from our community of neighbours

When we install any element in the façade of our building, we must request permission from our community of neighbours. Ask your community for permission in order to avoid any issues. If you have any further doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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