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Keep your home warm in Christmas with pellet stoves. Ecoforest.

Keep your home warm this Christmas with pellet stoves

Christmas is a very special time. We get together with friends and family, usually at home, for fun evenings, long conversations and hearty meals. For this reason, many people decorate their homes with Christmas decorations, such as Christmas trees or garlands. In this way they give their home a festive atmosphere to welcome their guests.

At Ecoforest, we want you to spend an unforgettable Christmas at home with your loved ones. Pellets stoves are the ideal choice for keeping your home warm during the festive season. That is why we have decided to explain why pellet stoves are the perfect heating system for winter.

Advantages of pellet stoves

Before going into detail about the features of Ecoforest pellet stoves, we want to talk about all the advantages of this heating system.
On the one hand, pellets stoves are very economical system. The main reason is the price of pellet, which is much cheaper than other fuels and, normally, very stable, it hardly varies in price during the year.

It is also an environmentally friendly heating system. And this is also due to pellets, as they are an environmentally friendly biofuel, made from organic matter and fully reusable. It is also environmentally friendly because it emits hardly any CO2, which is the main gas contributing to global warming.

In addition, pellet stoves take up very little space and its elegant design gives a distinguished touch to the room. And its pellets are very easy to store. We recommend buying several bags and storing them, so that they last for a long period of time.

Another advantage is that they are a very efficient system that offers unique comfort. Thanks to the high calorific value of the pellets, the pellet stove heats the home in an optimal way, guaranteeing a high efficiency (up to 95%) and a maximum use of energy.

In short, pellet stoves have many advantages thanks to their biofuel, the pellet. An energy source that offers maximum efficiency at an economical price while respecting the environment.

Keep your home warm this Christmas with pellet stoves climatización

Ecoforest pellet stoves

At Ecoforest, you can find a varied catalogue of pellet stoves: air stoves, ducted air stoves and hydro-stoves.

On the one hand, air stoves are designed to heat a single room. They are suitable for both large and small spaces. At Ecoforest, we have a wide range of air stoves with modern, innovative designs that fit in with all types of environments. The pellet air stove is the perfect choice if your intention is to heat just one room in your home. 

We also offer ducted air pellet stoves, which are designed to heat several rooms. Its great calorific power and energy efficiency make it the perfect ally for winter days. Undoubtedly, a better option than the previous one, if your idea is to heat the whole home

And finally, we have pellet stoves called hydro-stoves. These stoves distribute the heat to all the rooms in your home through a network of water radiators or underfloor heating. They are very complete and versatile stoves, as they can be connected in parallel with pellet boilers or other types of boilers, such as oil boilers.

In our catalogue, you will find several types of stoves of different powers. If you do not know which one to choose, you can always contact us to clear all your doubts.

As you can see, Ecoforest pellet stoves are the ideal systems for winter. Install one of our stoves before Christmas, so that both you and your guests can enjoy unforgettable moments in a home that will offer you comfortable warmth.

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