March 15th strike against climate change

Today, March 15, more than 1,500 cities from more than 100 countries around the world will attend the international strike for climate change, this mobilization seeks an urgent intervention against the impact of global warming.

All this began with the protest of a Swedish girl of only 16 years, began to miss class every Friday to protest, in front of the parliament of his country, about the warming of our planet. After several months, the movement “Fridays for future” becomes a global strike, in which many cities and large numbers of people come together to try to make people see that climate change is real and that we need to take measurements.

Governments around the world need to be part of it

It is necessary that all countries take measures to reduce emissions of polluting gases and help make renewable energies the majority in the generation of electricity throughout the world. As Greta Thunberg says “We should not have to miss class to fight against climate change”.

It is necessary to educate the population about global warming and recycling, we must take measures now so that we and our generations can enjoy a better future.

Renewable energies as a means towards a better future

Currently, renewable energies are beginning to gain strength, but this is not enough to see changes in a short period of time, companies such as Tesla, with its electric cars, or Ecoforest, with all its range of products for air conditioning of all kinds of buildings and homes, are helping to reduce CO2 emissions considerably.

The means of transport (cars, boats and airplanes) are a great source of polluting gases, which is why it is necessary to take measures, but undoubtedly another important sector for the reduction of emissions is air conditioning, which is why Ecoforest has grown in the last five years more than 20%, offering solutions such as pellet stovespellet boilersground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Movements like these are necessary to make the rest of the population and the governments see that climate change is a real problem and that we need to take all drastic measures.

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