PELLET STOVES: Design and comfort for every home
Ecoforest pellet stoves: Design and comfort for every home

PELLET STOVES: Design and comfort for every home

When we think about heating systems for our home, we often think about how much electricity or fuel consumption it will generate when the thermometers drop. On the other hand, we need to think about the space required for the correct installation of that heating and how the installation of radiators in different parts of a house can work.

One of the most economical options in terms of operation and fuel is heating with pellet stoves.  Due to the fact that their fuel is 100% renewable and the wide range of designs and powers that these stoves offer, pellet stoves have become a must for different homes of all sizes.

What is a pellet stoves and what types are there?

Pellet stoves are heating systems that provide heat thanks to the fuel called pellets. Pellets are cylinders with a maximum length of 8 millimetres. They are made of pressed wood, sawdust and shavings from agricultural or industrial waste.

These pellets do not contain any additives or binders, so the heating is very clean and 100% renewable by reusing wood waste from the same region where it will later be consumed. What is the objective? To promote the cleanliness of local forests and generate wealth and local employment.

In addition, pellets have the differential characteristic over other fuels such as gas or oil that their price is stable, as well as costing 25% less than natural gas and twice less than diesel. Some of the stoves can even be adapted to other fuels, as found in the Ecoforest stoves, in which almond shells or olive pits can be used.

Among the different pelletstoves , we can find the following:

  • Air pellet stoves: Normally, air pellet stove are used to heat only the room in which the stoves is installed.
  • Ductable pellet stoves: These stoves can heat different rooms, as they are fitted with a fan that carries the hot air through several ducts.
  • Hydro pellet stoves: Hydro pellet stoves are the most complete types of stoves and are capable of heating an entire house by connecting to water pipes or radiators to generate domestic hot water.
PELLET STOVES: Design and comfort for every home

A stove for every room

Due to the wide range of possibilities, we can choose between different options for our home. We can let our imagination run wild and we will find the right stoves for each of the rooms in our home.

Depending on the room we want to heat, we can choose between different designs and powers. At Ecoforest, the range ranges from small pellet stoves , which heat up to 55m2, with a heat output of 6kW, to stoves such as the Eco I Insert, which can heat up to 125 m2.

Among the small air pellet stoves we can also find solutions for those cold corridors in old flats, with very compact narrow stoves solutions. In fact, the “Miami” pellet stoves is one of the smallest, the flattest in the world, not even 17 cm deep.

Another of the smallest options in the Ecoforest catalogue is the “Creta” or “Moon II” pellet stoves , which are watertight stoves , ideal for installations in passive houses and homes in rural areas.

Both the Miami, Creta and Moon II options have the option of management via WiFi and Internet, as well as a vacuum cleaning system, with a finned exchanger without the need for daily cleaning, which saves us a good amount of cleaning time.

For slightly larger rooms, there are such modern options as the “Monaco” pelletstoves , another of the flatter stoves on the market. The second narrowest model on the market after the Miami stove. Monaco is another very versatile pellet stove when it comes to installing a gas outlet (top, rear or on the right side), but what makes it so appealing is its great innovative design, with a decorative front in black tempered glass and a mirror-effect firebox door.

Among the small pelle stoves , we find the “Eco Mini Insert” recessed model, a stoves that heats rooms of up to 85m2. This option is ideal for replacing an old fireplace with a much more efficient pellet stoves with renewable fuel.

Ductable pellet stoves

Ductable pellet stoves can now heat a much larger room with a ducting system. Within the possibilities offered by the market, we have both more rustic options and more modernist options.

PELLET STOVES: Design and comfort for every home

Although it is true that this type of stove can take up much more space than small pellet stoves, we can find compact and narrow solutions such as the “Ibiza” model, which shares many of its features with other Ecoforest ductable pellet stoves.

In addition to having automatic regulation of combustion air, as in the rest of the stoves we can talk about a very convenient management via WiFi and Internet. Due to their automatic cleaning systems, this type of Ecoforest stove does not require daily cleaning.

For both air pellet stoves and ductable pellet stoves, there are options of built-in or not, depending on each room or home, as we know that they must be adapted to the specific space of each of the houses that we air-condition.

What are the requirements of pellet hydro-stoves?

As the hydro or thermo stoves distribute heat throughout the house through, for example, a network of water radiators, but that does not mean that the design of this stove is at odds with comfort or design.

PELLET STOVES: Design and comfort for every home

We can find solutions such as the “Hidrocopper 18 Slim+”, with an ideal option for a vertical gas outlet in addition to the horizontal one found in most hydro-stoves.

Hydrostoves like this one, with a modern design and suitable for any type of home, become a perfect complement for every room, offering a heating service as well as an ideal decoration for your home.

With this stove, for example, you can heat radiators, underfloor heating, fan coils or domestic hot water, so it offers an ideal solution for any environment.

As we can see, in our home we can find solutions with different designs to offer an efficient and 100% renewable heating, with an ecological biofuel, free of chemicals and pollutants such as pellets. Without forgetting that the design of our home is one of the most important aspects, Ecoforest’s solutions for heating our rooms can make you fall in love with the variety of designs, sizes and specifications. Which one do you want to fall in love with?

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