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Radiators or underfloor heating? Learn the differences. Ecoforest.

Radiators or underfloor heating? Learn the differences

Are you thinking about heating your home and don’t know whether to choose radiators or underfloor heating? This is a very common question among new homeowners, and not surprisingly. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly. That is why, in this post, we want to tell you about the characteristics of both heating systems so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Radiators, the standard heating choice

Radiators are a reliable and effective way of heating a room. This form of heating is one of the oldest and most economical forms of heating and has proven its effectiveness over the years.

Radiators have several advantages over underfloor heating. One of the main advantages is their price. Radiators are generally cheaper than underfloor heating and are an excellent choice for those looking to save money on heating.

Radiators are also easier to install than underfloor heating. This means that homeowners do not need to spend as much money on installation. In addition, radiators can be easily installed anywhere, which means thatmeowners can opt for a configuration that best suits their French, Swiss and Belgian needs.

Radiators can be found in iron, aluminium (with a faster heating process) or low-temperature radiators, which work at a temperature of 35 or 50 degrees. These radiators increase the efficiency of the installation.
In conclusion, radiators are a good way to heat a room at a lower price.

They are cheaper and easier to insll than underfloor heating, making them a great option for those looking to save money on heating. In addition, many of Ecoforest’s heat pumps can be used in renovations and can be combined with existing radiators in the installation.

Underfloor heating, advantages of a modern heating system

Underfloor heating is a modern heating system that offers many advantages over traditional radiators. Firstly, underfloor heating systems offer more even heat compared to radiators. This means that there are no cold zones in the room. Underfloor heating is also more energy efficient, which means that it will help you to heat the room more efficiently.

Another important advantage of underfloor heating systems is that they allow you to have a more modern design. It can be installed discreetly under the floor, which means you don’t have to worry about old-fashioned looking radiators. This can help to create a more modern and stylish feel to your home

In addition, underfloor heating will allow you to gain much more usable space, which is very beneficial for homes where space is at a premium. Underfloor heating is also an excellent choice for energy efficiency, as it heats the room evenly without wasting energy because, by working with a supply temperature of between 35ºC and 45ºC, it increases the efficiency of a heat pump air conditioning system. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why it is worth considering the installation of this system. It provides homogeneous heat, is energy efficient and offers a modern design. If you are looking for a modern and efficient heating solution, underfloor heating is an excellent choice.

As you can see, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for an easy and economical option, radiators are the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a more efficient and practical solution, underfloor heating is the right choice.

The main thing is to make sure you consider both the efficiency and the cost of both alternatives to choose the best option for your home. And to make it also more environmentally friendly, it is wise to combine them with air-conditioning systems that use renewable energies, such as heat pumps. Among all types of heating, heat pumps combined with radiators or underfloor heating will give you the greatest economic advantages by helping to maximise efficiency. 

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