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Six tips to prepare your home for the summer heat. Ecoforest.

Six tips to prepare your home for the summer heat

In recent months, people without air conditioning at home have already experienced how uncomfortable it is to be at home when it is very hot. That’s why we at Ecoforest have decided to write this new post where we reveal six tips to prepare your home for the summer heat. This way, you can be prepared for high temperatures.

1. Use good thermal insulation in your walls

If you live in an area with high temperatures in summer and the building materials in your home are not suitable for those temperatures, we recommend that you install a wall covering with good thermal insulation.

Wall coverings are becoming more and more popular because they offer perfect thermal and acoustic insulation and, at the same time, they allow you to renovate the appearance of the facade. Due to their increasing popularity, there is more and more variety in terms of design and materials.

One of the best known are the external thermal insulation systems, which are in great demand due many advantages in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Equally, they offer as energy savings and environmental impact.

2. Reduce the use of heat-emitting appliances

Some of the appliances we have at home generate heat. Appliances such as the oven, tumble dryer, toaster, iron and hairdryer, among others, help to increase the ambient temperature in your home.

Although using them is inevitable, you can plan their use when the temperature is lower, as early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The sun and high temperatures will allow you to avoid their use: you can dry your hair in the air or hang the laundry outside. This way, you won’t raise the temperature in your home and you’ll use much less electricity.

3. Check windows and doors

Both the cold and the heat from outside penetrate the home through the most unexpected corners. For this reason, it is necessary to check the state of your home and the possible nooks and crannies that drive outside heat into your home.

Commonly, heat enters through doors and windows, raising indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the first thing to do is making sure that doors and windows are properly closed, especially during the hottest hours and, secondly, that there are no small cracks that allow heat to enter and, of course, that none of them are damaged. All doors and windows must be in perfect condition so that they can insulate the house from high temperatures.

In addition, we advise you to use blinds and curtains, which are highly effective in protecting you from the sun and from mosquitoes and other small insects that may bother you.

4. Ventilate your home at the right time of day

Normally, people ventilate their homes in the mornings, shortly after getting up. Other people leave their windows open all day long, which is a terrible idea. We advise you to ventilate your house for a short time (half an hour would be more than enough) and to do so during the coolest times of the day (during the first and last hours of the day). That way, outside heat will not enter, you will allow a little breeze to sneak in, which will improve internal air quality.

On the other hand, we also advise you not to keep curtains and blinds closed all day long, especially if you are going to be at home, as this will force you to turn on the lights and, consequently, use more electricity. To avoid light problems, we recommend that you leave the blinds ajar in the rooms you are going to use.

5. Use your air-conditioning system in the right way

Generally, we only use air conditioning in the summer months. Therefore, we recommend that you check it before the summer season arrives. This will ensure that the device is in perfect condition, with clean filters and a properly functioning system.

In addition, when you start using it, we recommend that you set it to a medium temperature (between 23 and 26 degrees celsius), so that you can keep the house at a good temperature while saving energy.

6. Choose the best air-conditioning system for your home

Nowadays, there are many ways to cool your home. That’s why we sometimes use seemingly cheaper, but less effective alternatives. That, in the long run, is harmful, because you end up spending much more money than you expected.

For this reason, our advice is to install a high-quality HVAC system in your home, which gives you the best service at the best price, so that your household budget is not affected. At Ecoforest, we have the ideal system for you, the air-based heat pump. It is a very economical and highly efficient HVAC equipment. In addition, it is an ecological system, which uses a renewable and inexhaustible energy source and hardly emits any CO₂. If you decide to install it in your home, its many advantages will enhance your home life.

These are the six tips that will help you keep your home cool all summer long. Follow them and you will be able to escape the heat during the summer season. And, if you decide to install an aerothermal pump, don’t forget to contact Ecoforest and we will assess your needs.

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