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Switch from gas to pellet boilers. Ecoforest.

Switch from gas to pellet boilers

Today, there are still homes that are heated with conventional heating systems such as gas boilers. These systems work properly and provide the service they offer in an optimal way. However, there are other alternatives that are much more efficient and generate much less cost to the user.

In today’s post, we would like to introduce you to one of these alternatives which, as well as being more efficient, is also more economical: our pellet boilers. When you discover its many advantages, you will not want a different heating system.

Advantages of the pellet boiler

The pellet boiler is an innovative heating system that has many advantages. At Ecoforest, we have a variety of pellet boilers that stand out for being very efficient and innovative.

Below, we tell you about all their features.


One of the advantages of Ecoforest boilers is that they are eco-friendly systems, with a reduced environmental impact. This is because they use an ecological fuel called pellet, which is made from wood waste and other natural materials, which makes it carbon neutral.

Some of the Ecoforest pellet boilers have been approved as Class 5 by the UNE quality management system. This guarantees that our boilers comply with the most demanding European regulations and are therefore suitable for marketing in any country in the area.


The Ecoforest pellet boiler is an economical system, due to the fact that the fuel it uses, pellets, is much cheaper than other fuels. In addition, it is a boiler that hardly uses any electricity to operate, which means great savings on the electricity bill. 


The pellet boiler has a very high efficiency. Some of them have an efficiency of over 90%. By buying a pellet boiler, you ensure comfort in your home, as pellets have a high calorific value and the boiler works efficiently, providing the necessary heat for each room in your home.

With advanced technology:

Ecoforest pellet boilers are a benchmark in technology, design and energy saving. Our R&D department has perfected the boilers, which now have unique features.

Their innovative technology gives you the possibility of regulating the room temperature and the power of your boiler via WIFI from anywhere in your home and even from outside it. In addition, you can automate various processes, such as pellet supply, pump flow and combustion air. And, all this, with the peace of mind of knowing that they are highly secure systems.altamente seguros.

Types of Ecoforest pellet boilers

In the Ecoforest catalogue you can find a variety of pellet boilers of different power ratings. To choose the best option, you will first have to analyse the needs of your home.

Cantina pellet boiler range 

The range of pellet boilers Cantina of Ecoforest has a complete variety of boilers of a wide range of powers. All of them, high performance and with the best Ecoforest technology.

The smallest pellet boiler is the Cantina Compact, which is the most compact in our range and has an output of 12 kW.

The Cantina Super pellet boiler is larger and has all the Ecoforest technology at the best price on the market. It has a power of 29 kW.

On the other hand, there is the Cantina Nova pellet boiler range, which is composed of boilers of two power ratings 24 kW and 30 kW, in order to meet the demands of various types of homes.

Vap pellet boiler range

The Vap boiler range is made up of efficient boilers of different sizes and outputs that feature the most modern innovations in the sector.

On the one hand, there are the smaller boilers: the Vap 5-20 pellet boiler, which has an output of 5 to 20 kW, and the Vap 24 pellet boiler, which has an output of 24 kW. Both are small, but highly efficient.

On the other hand, there is the Vap 30 pellet boiler, which has a slightly higher output of 30.2 kW. This boiler is undoubtedly the perfect replacement for oil-fired boilers.

And finally, there is the boiler with the highest output, the Vap 100 pellet boiler. This boiler has an output of 100 kW and is designed for larger homes with higher requirements.

Now you know all the advantages of installing a pellet boiler in your home and you know how many varieties of boilers we have at Ecoforest. If you are interested in any particular model, do not hesitate to write to us and we will put you in contact with the distributor in your area.

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