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The benefits of evaporative air-conditioning

Evaporative cooling is a more economical and environmentally friendly cooling alternative to air conditioning. This is why more and more people are choosing to incorporate it into their homes. Especially in warmer climates.

This air conditioning system is suitable for homes, but it is also a good option for other constructions dedicated to industry, livestock or agriculture.

In this post, we will tell you what evaporative air conditioning consists of and what its advantages are.

What is evaporative air conditioning and how does it work?

Evaporative air conditioning is a cooling system based on the physical process known as evaporation. The system works by passing air through a mesh of wet cotton filaments, allowing the air to cool as the water evaporates.

This type of air conditioning is an inexpensive way to cool a space without having to resort to mechanical systems such as air conditioning and is also less likely to cause dryness in the air.

Evaporative cooling works best in relatively low humidity conditions, which means that the systems are ideal for hot, dry climates. These systems are an excellent way to save energy and maintain a comfortable environment without generating high costs..

An evaporative cooler consists mainly of a remote control unit, a fan, an air cleaner, an electrical control box and an evaporation unit. The latter is responsible for cooling the air.

The cooling process starts when air enters the evaporation unit through the fan. The incoming air is mixed with a cooling solution, which is located in the evaporation unit. Then, the air and the cooling solution are mixed and evaporated, which reduces the air temperature. The cooled air is then sent through an air scrubber, which removes dust, pollen and other contaminants. Finally, the clean, cooled air is exhausted through the fan.

The evaporative cooler is efficient in cooling the air, as it does not require electricity to operate. It is also a much cleaner and more environmentally friendly cooling option than other air conditioning systems.

Benefits of evaporative cooling

Encouraging the implementation of evaporative air conditioning in homes and other buildings would be very beneficial, as this air conditioning system has many advantages..

First of all, evaporative cooling allows you to make significant energy savings, which is very beneficial for both you and the planet. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it is considered beneficial to install this type of system. Because the planet is becoming more and more polluted and nowadays it is really necessary to take measures to protect the environment. In addition, evaporative air conditioning stands out for being a low-cost system both in terms of installation and maintenance. Thus, with this system, you not only protect the planet but also your economy.

In addition, evaporative air conditioning is healthy, as it has the virtue of improving air quality, and ecological, as it uses recyclable elements such as water, cardboard or wood. 

Moreover, it is a system that only requires water. It does not use CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), which are refrigerant gases responsible for the greenhouse effect and which destroy the ozone layer. It also helps to reduce CO₂ emissions.

In Spain, this air conditioning system is not yet very common. However, in a world that is increasingly committed to efficiency and ecology, this practical system could be in great demand in the future.

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