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The best HVAC equipment for summer.

The best HVAC equipment for summer

In summer, temperature in our homes rises to such an extent that we cannot enjoy a good rest.

In this post, we would like to talk about the numerous advantages of the two air conditioning systems for the summer: aerothermal heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. Two systems that will provide you with maximum comfort in your home at a low cost and respecting the environment.

Air-source heat pumps

To achieve the ideal temperature in your home, there is nothing better than an air source heat pump. Its modern technology allows you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere, you can program it to cool your home at any time of the day and its intelligent system makes efficient use of energy avoiding extra costs.

Air source heat pumps are HVAC equipment that work thanks to a clean, renewable and inexhaustible source of energy: ambient air. Air source heat pumps are a very efficient system that covers all the needs of your home. In addition to cooling in summer, it can also provide other services such as heating in winter, DHW all year round and pool management.

Thanks to its high performance, air source heat pumps manage to generate up to five times more energy than it needs to operate. In addition, it is a totally ecological system, as it emits hardly any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and uses a natural energy source. In addition to this, it is completely affordable, as with air source heat pumps you will see significant savings on your electricity bill, as only a fraction of electricity is needed.

Furthermore, to their long list of advantages we can also add need a low maintenance, they are easier to install than ground source heat pumps, and they take up very little space in your home.

Of all the aerothermal pumps, the best on the market are undoubtedly the EcoAir+ PRO from Ecoforest. There are several models that offer you the best performance in air conditioning. The ecoAIR+ PRO heat pumps are highly efficient monobloc systems that use a natural refrigerant (R290), Inverter technology and SCROLL compressor.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps are an ideal option for heating your home in summer. Like air source heat pumps, they are an integrated system that offers cooling in summer, but can also offer other services such as heating in winter, DHW all year round and pool management.

Ground source heat pumps share some advantages with air source heat pumps. One of them is their high efficiency, as this system is capable of generating up to 5 kW of heat for every 1 kW consumed. Furthermore, this air-conditioning system is much more economical than conventional systems, as it uses free energy, which is also environmentally friendly and renewable: the heat from the earth’s surface. For this reason, although geothermal energy requires a large initial investment, by making minimal use of electricity, you will achieve significant savings on your electricity bill. An advantage that becomes even more relevant nowadays, due to the high prices of electricity.

Other advantages of geothermal energy are that it is a very safe air-conditioning system, as it does not generate the disadvantages of conventional systems such as gas leaks and does not break down easily. In this sense, it also stands out for its durability and its easy installation and maintenance. In addition, with geothermal pumps, you will save on continuous revisions and other extra costs.

Ecoforest’s ecoGEO+ heat pumps are the best heat pumps you will find on the market. These ground source heat pumps offer the best air conditioning service, thanks to their Inverter technology and their SCROLL compressor, which allow them to work with high efficiency. In addition, it is much more environmentally friendly than other geothermal pumps, as it uses natural refrigerant (R290), which is 700 times more sustainable than traditional refrigerants.

Tips for cooling your home

To complement the work of your air conditioning system, we also advise you to follow a series of steps that will allow you to keep your home cool on hot summer days.

The main tip is to use your air conditioning system efficiently. First, check it thoroughly before using it to see if it has any problems or if any filters need to be cleaned. And, when you are going to turn it on, make sure that the windows and doors are closed so that the temperature can be maintained correctly and isolated from external heat. 

Also, in summer, we recommend you to keep windows closed all day long, and that you only ventilate for about 20 minutes. In addition, we advise you to use blinds and curtains to provide extra insulation from the heat.

We also suggest that you check doors, windows, walls and other elements of the house that may be damaged and allow outside air to enter. As you can see, by keeping your house protected from the outside and making efficient use of your air conditioning system, you will achieve maximum comfort in your home. This summer, forget about the heat and buy a heat pump that will allow you to enjoy your home.

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