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Tips and tricks for saving on your electricity bill this winter. Ecoforest.

Tips and tricks for saving on your electricity bill this winter

Do you want to reduce the cost of your electricity bill? Discover the habits and tricks that will make you consume less electricity, allowing you to save on electricity when winter arrives.

Why save on electricity: an essential winter habit

The high price of electricity has pushed people to consume less energy. But saving on electricity is even more important in winter. At this time of year, weather conditions mean that a large amount of electricity has to be used. Logically, this means an even greater increase in electricity bills.

Because of this, those affected have started to implement a series of habits that allow them to save energy and money. These practices often involve using less electricity and doing without electrical appliances for a few hours. However, there are tricks to save on electricity without the inconvenience.

Simple things you can do to save energy in winter

Something very basic that will help you is to take advantage of the hours of sunshine. At times when there is more sunlight, you can open the window and allow the sun to heat the rooms. During these periods, turn off the heating. You can also take advantage of air-drying your clothes to avoid using the tumble dryer.

Another trick you can use is to close the rooms you are not using. This is an infallible tip, as it reduces the amount of square metres that the heating system is trying to heat. This, as you know, reduces the strain on your heating system, which will have a positive influence on your heating bill.

In addition to the above tricks, you can consider buying rugs and furnishing your living spaces with them. Rugs, carpets and also curtains act as a barrier against the cold. Also consider turning on the ceiling fan to remove the warm air above.

Other tricks to save on your electricity bill

Having A-rated appliances can be a great alternative, and not just in winter. You could also consider using smart plugs, thanks to which you can:

·       Manage the electrical energy in your home remotely.

·      Program the times when electrical appliances are switched on and off. This is very useful to avoid consuming energy at times when electricity prices are higher.

When winter arrives, you can also renew your light bulbs. In cold periods, we use more electricity because we have fewer hours of natural light. It is therefore advisable to purchase and install low-energy or energy-saving light bulbs. Also consider lowering the water heater by a few degrees.

What precautions should you take to avoid wasting electricity?

To save on electricity during the colder season, you can also check that all your windows and doors are properly sealed. One trick to seal them is to use weather-stripping in the cracks. The intention is to prevent small draughts from entering the rooms and cooling them down. Don’t forget to carry out the regular maintenance of your heating

Things to avoid doing in winter if you want to save on your electricity bill

Do you want to pay less for electricity in winter? Then reduce the ventilation time in your home. We know that ventilating your home is necessary, but you can choose to do it for a maximum of ten minutes. In addition, it is advisable to do it at midday, when the sun’s rays are the hottest.

Apart from these tricks to save electricity, we recommend that you do not use the Stand By option on electronic devices in winter. The reason is simple: even if they are in standby mode, they are still consuming energy.

It is not impossible to use less electricity in the winter season

Winter conditions necessarily mean an increase in electricity consumption. This is why it is common for electricity bills to show much higher prices for a few months. However, if you follow the above guidelines, you can save on electricity and reduce your bills considerably without compromising your comfort.

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