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What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a heating system that offers a homogeneous temperature that provides a high level of comfort and is also more environmentally friendly due to its low CO2 emissions. This system works through a set of pipes installed and distributed on the floor of the house, which allows the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the house. It is a system with many advantages and, for this reason, more and more people have decided to install it in their homes. In this post, we will detail you its benefits.

It provides greater thermal comfort

Underfloor heating provides the ideal temperature in every corner of the home. The system of pipes installed in the floor of the home means that heat is distributed evenly throughout the rooms, providing greater thermal comfort. The heat that radiates from the floor spreads throughout the interior spaces. Therefore, in this sense, it is a more effective system than radiators, as these produce more heat in the points where they are installed.

Environmentally friendly

Underfloor heating is an ecological emission system that emits hardly any CO2. If, in addition, you combine it with systems that work through renewable energy, such as geothermal or aerothermal pumps, you will achieve greater efficiency with a lower environmental impact. This makes it one of the best options for heating your home.

Low-energy consumption

Underfloor heating consumes less energy than other traditional heating systems. This is because it requires less water to operate. In addition, the temperature of the water needed to heat a home is much lower than that of a conventional heating system (the temperature ranges between 30º and 45º). This is why underfloor heating can help you save up to 20% on your energy consumption.

Another advantage is its low-energy consumption. Underfloor heating is able to maintain the temperature after being switched off for longer than a radiator. This also helps to consume less because it provides you with an optimal temperature even when it is not switched on.

Optimal indoor climate all year round

Underfloor heating is a system that can provide you with heating during the winter and cooling during the summer. Although this system is mostly known for its effectiveness in radiating heat, it also functions as a cooling system when it distributes cold water.

Underfloor heating systems provide cooling by circulating cold water through pipes that are installed under the floor of the house. They cool the floors to a lower temperature, and consequently also reduce the ambient temperature of the house.

Thanks to their versatility, underfloor heating ensures that your home is at an ideal temperature all-year-round.

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, underfloor heating can be combined with other air conditioning systems and thus offer greater efficiency. At Ecoforest, the system we recommend installing is heat pumps, as, combined with underfloor heating, they offer the greatest comfort at home with the best efficiency.

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