What are the environmental benefits of pellet heating?
What are the environmental benefits of pellet heating? Ecoforest.

What are the environmental benefits of pellet heating?

More and more people are opting for sustainable heating systems with a low-environmental impact. One of these systems is pellet heating since it works efficiently and allows the user to save money every month. In this article, we will explain the environmental benefits of pellet heating.

Advantages of pellet stoves and pellet boilers

Pellet systems are characterised by the use of wood pellets. Wood pellets are a natural product deemed as solid biomass. Pellets are small cylinders made of wood chips. As a wood fuel, pellets are an economic heat source, easy to store and transport and with a high calorific value. Additionally, we are talking about an ecologic wood fuel, made from vegetable waste and, therefore, completely renewable.

Among the different pellet heating systems in the market, we can find:

  • Air stoves are designed to heat the space through fans that allow to quickly increase the temperature in the room. Air stoves are usually simple devices, with a good performance in small spaces and a high efficiency. These stoves are a perfect solution for heating only one room, as the living room.

  • Ducted air stoves can convey hot air for the whole house through ducts connecting all areas in the house. Ducted air stoves are a suitable option for homes with more than one room or several floors.

  • Hydro stoves work through a hot-water system con nected with radiators installed in all rooms. Hydro stoves can also provide Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

  • Pellet boilers are the most complete option, being able to support the heating and hot water (DHW) of a house. Pellet boilers are the ideal choice for those homeowners looking for an efficient system for high power installations.

Hydro stoves and, in particular, pellet boilers are a good option for those homeowners looking for a global solution for heating and hot water in their detached or semi-detached house.

All these heating systems have a high performance and are extremely efficient. Users should look at the characteristics of their homes to choose the one that best fits their needs in terms of space and heating power.

Benefits of pellet stoves and boilers. Ecoforest catalogue of pellet stoves and boilers.

Ecological benefits of pellet heating systems

Pellet heating systems show some features that turn them into the best domestic heating option. Among them, their ecological values and reduced environmental impact.

Stoves and boilers based on pellets have a low CO2 emission rate. Hence, they have reduced production of greenhouse gases and of their associated negative effects on the environment, as acid rain, warmer temperatures, or rising sea levels. Likewise, as these systems do not contain sulphur, they contribute to preventing acid rain.

Moreover, wood fuels are sustainable, renewable and natural. Being made of vegetal waste, its fabrication contributes to the good maintenance of forestal areas and the avoidance of wildfires.

Installing a heating system based on pellets provides you with comfort while protecting the environment. Therefore, at Ecoforest we have bet on pellet heating systems since our beginning. Pellet heating arrived in Spain at the beginning of the 90s. Currently, Ecoforest catalogue includes 30 original pellet stoves and pellet boilers. If you are interested in buying one of these, contact us.  

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