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What are the most environmentally friendly heating systems on the market?. Ecoforest.

What are the greenest heating systems on the market?

Heating systems have a big impact on the environment because they intensify carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, thus damaging the ozone layer.

Aware of the problems associated with climate change, more and more people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives that use green energy sources to help reduce the environmental impact. In today’s post, we want to tell you about them, so that you too can make the right choice that is less polluting.


Biomass is a type of energy that is generated from biodegradable organic matter. Biomass boilers mainly use two types of fuel: pellets and wood. Although it is also common to use others such as olive pits or nut shells. The majority of Ecoforest cookers are multi-fuel because they can operate with pellets, olive pits or almond shells after adapting the parts and the electronic configuration.

Pellets are materials made from wood chips, sawdust, shavings and other organic waste. Among its benefits are its high calorific value, its economic price, its great durability and its easy storage.

Wood is a material composed of chopped wood that comes from trees, bushes, among others. This biomass fuel is highly thermally efficient, with a much higher efficiency than gas or electricity.

Both biomass fuels are more economical and less polluting than conventional heating systems.

Apart from being an economical and environmentally friendly fuel, biomass boilers have other qualities that make them a good choice, such as high efficiency and easy installation and maintenance. In addition, they are also capable of producing domestic hot water.

Air-source heat pumps

Aerothermal energy is an air conditioning system that uses the energy of the ambient air to provide heating in winter, cooling in summer and domestic hot water (DHW) throughout the year, by means of a heat exchange process. This makes it a highly ecological system, as it uses a clean and renewable energy source. And, in addition to this, there is an equally important advantage: it emits hardly any CO2 into the atmosphere.

Aerothermal heat pumps have numerous advantages. One of them is that it is one of the most efficient systems on the market, as it is capable of generating five times more energy than it consumes to operate. Another of its advantages is that it is much more economical than conventional heating systems, as it uses hardly any electricity, and this saves the user up to 80% on their electricity bill.

In addition, aerothermal heat pumps take up very little space, do not require continuous servicing and are highly durable. Without a doubt, it is one of the best air conditioning systems you can choose for your home.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal heat pumps are an integral air-conditioning system that, like aerothermal energy, is capable of generating cooling in summer, heating in winter and DHW all year round. The energy source used to operate is the natural heat of the subsoil, which offers an integral air conditioning service, through a heat exchange process.

It is an ecological air conditioning system, which uses a clean, renewable energy source and emits hardly any CO₂ into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it is a highly efficient system, generating 5kw for every 1kw it consumes, and much more economical than conventional systems, providing considerable savings on electricity bills. Therefore, despite its high installation cost, the energy savings allow the investment to be amortised after several years in operation.

Solar energy

One of the most sustainable energy sources available in Spain is solar energy. For this reason, it is the ideal air-conditioning system for many homes on the mainland and on the islands.

Solar energy allows you to heat your home autonomously by using an autonomous system of solar panels. In order for it to work, solar panels and accumulators must be installed on the roof. Therefore, the initial investment for their installation is high, but, in the long run, you can save a lot of money.

Solar panels can be combined with other air-conditioning systems, such as biomass boilers or geothermal heat pumps.

Whether it works on its own or in combination with other systems, this type of heating is very environmentally friendly, because it uses a natural energy source and does not produce waste.

The installation of these systems is simple, its difficulty will depend on the characteristics of the house or the space to be heated, but, in general terms, it is not difficult to carry out.

These four air conditioning systems are the most ecological that exist today, because they use clean energies that do not cause damage to the environment. At Ecoforest, we have several of these systems at your disposal, because we believe that clean energy is the best option for us and for the planet. If you want to consult our catalogue, do not hesitate to browse our website.

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