What is a home energy certificate?
certificado energético

What is a home energy certificate?

A home energy certificate is an official document that shows the energy efficiency level of a house. The house is assessed and assigned a rating from A to G according to its efficiency. Houses with an A rating are the most efficient, while houses with a G rating are the least efficient.
In Spain, it is carried out for all dwellings offered for sale or rent, and is mandatory for all buildings constructed after 2007.

The energy certificate contains information about the energy consumption of the house, as well as CO2 emissions. In this post, we tell you who is obliged to apply for an energy certificate, where to apply for it and how much it costs.

Is an energy certificate compulsory?

The law does not require an energy performance certificate for all homes, but it is recommended in all cases. This certificate is required for homes that are to be rented or sold. This document provides important information about the energy efficiency of a house and can therefore be very useful for making informed decisions about energy-saving improvements. The certificate can also be used to compare the energy performance of different houses.

How do I get an energy certificate for my home?

To obtain an energy certificate for your home, you should contact a certified energy assessor. The assessor will visit your home and assess your energy performance. They will then provide you with a certificate that includes the energy efficiency rating of your home.

What is the price of the energy certificate?

The price of the energy certificate in Spain varies depending on the surface area of the property, the number of rooms and the area in which it is located. In general, the price ranges between 50 and 200 euros.

If you have a rental property or a property for sale, it is necessary to request the certificate in order to be able to do either. And, if you are going to rent or buy a house, always remember to ask for this certificate, so you will have more detailed information about the energy situation of the house and you will be able to better calculate the costs of these services.

The same applies to HVAC systems, it is necessary to check what rating they have according to their energy certificate. In the case of Ecoforest, our heat pump systems have the highest rating, because they are efficient appliances that work in an environmentally friendly way.

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