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What is biomass?

When we talk about clean energy, biomass always comes up, but many people do not really know what kind of product it is, where it comes from and what its advantages are.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), biomass are those “products and residues of vegetable matter from different activities, whose energy content can be valorised”. But what is its real use and how can it be applied to heating systems? In this post, we tell you all the details.

Origin of biomass

Biomass is created from waste and residues of biological origin, both of plant and animal origin, which come from forestry and agricultural activities. When we talk about biomass, we also talk about organic matter generated from sewage sludge, wastewater, an organic fraction of municipal solid waste, and other waste materials derived from industries.

Biomass aplications

Biomass can be used for different purposes. Most commonly, it is used for electricity and heat generation. For this reason, several heating systems use it as biofuel, as is the case with some boilers and stoves.

Pellet boilers and stoves

In the current market, we can find several pellet boilers and stoves that use pellets as biofuel. This ecological fuel is a product composed of small pieces of wood and sawdust. This biofuel has many advantages, including its high calorific value, low price and ease of storage.

Boilers and wood-burning stoves

Boilers and wood-burning stoves are traditional heating systems that, thanks to technological advances, offer great comfort to your home in a more effective way. The biofuel used, wood, stands out for being one of the most environmentally friendly fuels and for being very economical.

Advantages of biomass

Biomass fuels have many advantages. One of them is that they promote the reuse of materials by converting waste into resources that can be used again. Surpluses from the agricultural sector and other similar industries are recycled for biomass and, in addition, the ash generated by the biomass can be used as fertiliser.

This energy source is also environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Although it is true that its use requires a combustion process, these emissions are the same as those that were previously absorbed during its life cycle, so it will not have an impact on the ozone layer.

Furthermore, as forest biomass comes from the material and waste generated in the forest cleaning process, it also contributes to a green and sustainable forest cleaning process.

Biomass is an ecological fuel that stands out for being efficient, economical and, above all, ecological. That is why, at Ecoforest, we have decided to go for it. Without any doubt, we think it is the best option for your home. If you think so too, we recommend you to browse our catalogue. You will surely find the heating system that matches your needs.

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