Which are the differences between aerothermal and geothermal energy?
Which are the differences between aerothermal and geothermal energy? aerotermia, bombas de calor, climatización, geotermia, sostenibilidad

Which are the differences between aerothermal and geothermal energy?

If you are looking for an alternative HVAC system to traditional systems, you have probably come across information about geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps. Currently, they are some of the most efficient systems on the market, which is why many people have decided to install them. But what do they really consist of and what are their differences? In this article, we want to clear up all your doubts.

Ecological and efficient HVAC systems

Many homes have very high energy needs because they are located in areas with extreme temperatures, very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to have heating or cooling for a large part of the year. There are also areas with more moderate climates, which also have homes and other buildings with these needs, in addition to the constant demand for domestic hot water (DHW). For this reason, at Ecoforest we believe that Europe deserves the benefits from the heat pumps for HVAC. Every year, more and more people decide to install it in their homes, premises and offices due to its multiple benefits.

Geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps are HVAC systems that work thanks to the energy provided by two natural, renewable and clean resources: the ground and the air. For this reason, we are dealing with an environmentally friendly HVAC system. During the process, this system does not produce CO2, which are the polluting gases that cause the greenhouse effect, with negative consequences for the environment. 

It is also a very efficient heating system. Geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps are capable of generating between 3-5 times more energy than they need to operate. This is undoubtedly the most efficient systems on the market. With a single unit, you can cover all the HVAC needs of your home.

Moreover, it is a very economical system. Although the initial investment is high, in the long run it is much cheaper than conventional heating systems such as oil or gas boilers or electric radiators. If you decide to install this system, you will see your heating bill reduced every month. 

Other advantages are that it is very easy to maintain, it does not need periodic preventive maintenance. It is also very safe and long-lasting. And, in addition, there are subsidies as well as tax exemptions, bonuses to encourage people to buy this type of equipment and the most important it’s a renewable energy system so you take care of the planet by installing this system.

Differences between aerothermal and geothermal energy

As you can see, aerothermal and geothermal share many advantages. Both work in a similar way, but there are also differences. The main difference is that the aerothermal heat pump extracts energy from the ambient air and the geothermal heat pump extracts energy from the ground. Below, we explain what each one consists of.  

Aerothermal energy, energy from the ambient air

Aerothermal energy is a renewable energy obtained from the ambient air. HVAC with an aerothermal heat pump allow you to obtain energy from the air to produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) for your home. 

Aerothermal energy has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from geothermal energy. The first is the energy source, the ambient air. The second is that the initial investment for the installation of aerothermal energy is a little cheaper. In addition, for its installation, it is not necessary to have a large piece of land to make the boreholes. Also the installation it’s easier, because it does not require drilling. 

Geothermal, heat emanating from the earth

The ground source heat pump takes the energy from the ground, where the temperature is very stable. This allows the house to have heating, cooling and DHW all year round without any problems. 

One of the benefits of geothermal energy is that it provides passive cooling, this kind of cooling it’s free because the compresor it’s off. In addition, it can produce heating and cooling simultaneously. Ground source heat pumps have a much longer durability and their performance is better.

The visual impact of ground source heat pumps is less than that of air source heat pumps, as there are no elements that are installed on the outside of the house. Ground source heat pumps are usually located in the technical room, so they are also less noisy. In addition, this system is more efficient and consumes less energy.

Despite their differences, both heat pumps are highly efficient systems. Depending on the home, it is better to install one or the other. As you already know, each home has its own differentiated energy needs. Knowing what your needs are, you will be able to decide which of the two systems best suits your needs. 

At Ecoforest, our experts have been working for years with the best technology to offer the best system with geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps. Therefore, if you are convinced that you want it for your home, we recommend that you consult our catalogue for all our heat pump ranges. 

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