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Ducted air pellet stove Bolonia

This model is the ideal pellet stove for any home. Thanks to being a ductable pellet stove you can send the heat throughout your home in an economical, easy and environmentally friendly way.

It is a perfect pellet stove for corridors as it is narrow and with ductable air outlet to heat different rooms of the house.

One of our narrowest pellet stove model thanks to its careful design and very compact measurements so you can place it in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, stairs or any room in your flat or villa.

In addition, its upper outlet allows the stove to be attached to any wall, making it perfect for corridors.


        • Airtight (Passive House)
        • Pellet stoves perfect for hallways
        • Automatic modulation of combustion air, supply of pellets and convection air
        • Ecoforest exclusive electronics
        • Wifi and internet-based control
        • Control and programming by power or temperature with power modulation by room probe or optional thermostat
        • Multifuel (pellets, almond Shell, olive stone)
        • Vacuum cleaning system
        • Multiple security systems.
        • Stainless steel burning pot
        • Daily cleaning-free finned heat exchanger
        • Hearth with cast iron
        • One ducted air outlet, top or rear, max. length 7 metres (diameter: 100 mm).
        • Top or rear smoke outlet possibility (internal flue pipes not included).
        • Decorative front in black tempered glass
        • ecoSILENCE mode
        • Air intake diameter: 60 mm

Ductable pellet stoves


Power: 10 kW

Performance: 92,9 %

Hopper: 20 kg

Autonomy: 19 - 9 h

Consumption: 1000 - 2209 g/h

Weight: 143 kg

Ductable air outlet diameter: 1 x 100 mm

Gas outlet diameter: 80 mm

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