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Ducted air pellet stove Kiev

The Kiev is a pellet stove with high power in very compact dimensions, this is the Kiev pellet stove. It heats your whole house in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.

Ductable pellet stove perfect for large and open areas such as restaurants, tents or enclosed terraces, the solution for your business.


        • Automatic modulation of combustion air, supply of pellets and convection air
        • Ecoforest exclusive electronics
        • Wifi and internet-based control
        • Control and programming by power or temperature with power modulation by room probe or optional thermostat
        • Multifuel (pellets, almond shell, olive stone)
        • Vacuum cleaning system
        • Multiple security systems.
        • Stainless steel burning pot
        • Daily cleaning-free aluminum finned heat exchanger
        • Hearth with vermiculite.
        • Stainless steel tube heat exchanger
        • Two ducted air outlets, max. length 7 metres (diameter: 120 mm).
        • Wheels for maintenance
        • ecoSILENCE mode.

Ductable pellet stoves


Power: 16 kW

Performance: 92 %

Hopper: 45 kg

Autonomy: 28 - 13 h

Consumption: 1631 - 3604 g/h

Weight: 170 kg

Ductable air outlet diameter: 2 x 120 mm

Gas outlet diameter: 100 mm

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