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Hydro pellet stove Dublin II


    • Automatic control of combustion air, fuel supply and recirculating pump flow
    • Software regulation of flow and return temperatures without anti-condensation valve
    • Possibility of control of DHW tank, buffer and hoppers
    • Ecoforest exclusive electronics
    • Wifi and internet-based control
    • Control and programming by power or temperature with power modulation by room probe or optional thermostat
    • Multifuel (pellets, almond Shell, olive stone)
    • Vacuum cleaning system
    • Multiple security systems.
    • Hearth with cast iron
    • Cast iron burning pot
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Including circulation pump, expansion tank (8 l) and safety valve.
    • Wheels for maintenance
    • Large capacity fuel tray
    • Front in black tempered glass.


Dublin II

Power: 14 kW

Performance: 92,5 %

Hopper: 30 kg

Autonomy: 20 - 9 h

Consumption: 1560 - 3200 g/h

Weight: 134

Gas outlet diameter: 80 mm

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