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ecoTHERMO 200 / 260

DHW Heat Pumps

Ecoforest offers its customers the ecoTHERMO heat pump, designed for the direct production of DHW. The ecoTHERMO heat pumps for DHW have tanks made of top quality stainless steel. This compact system can be installed inside the home, which makes the installation even easier.

The ecoTHERMO units use the energy contained in the air (aerothermal energy) to heat hot water, achieving significant energy savings compared to other hot water storage and production systems.

A large part of the energy used is of renewable origin and at no cost. This is one of the reasons why ecoTHERMO pumps are an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for DHW.

Available in 200 and 260 litres.


  • Easy installation and low maintenance thanks to the built-in suction filter.
  • Low-noise fan for supply and return air ducting. The pressure drop of the connection pipes and fittings shall be less than the static pressure of the equipment (70 Pa).
  • DHW tank made of 444 stainless steel.
  • Integrated recirculation connection as standard.
  • Touch screen with 3 operating modes (ECO, Auto, OverBoost).
  • Photovoltaic hybridisation. Connection to photovoltaic installations that allows free thermal energy storage.
  • Interface integrated in the heat pump.
  • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection.
  • Available in single-phase power supply.
  • Domestic hot water production up to 70ºC with electrical heater.
  • DHW heat pumps include pack with safety valve and silent blocks.
  • Maximum reliability and high efficiency.
  • Large volume of hot water always available.
  • Intelligent control with hourly programming for electricity tariff periods.
  • Easy access to the unit.


ecoTHERMO 200 / 260

  • Power range: 1.1-1.8 kW.
  • Domestic hot water production.
  • DHW tank capacity: 200 L, 260 L.
  • Stainless steel AISI 444 tank.
  • DHW production up to 70ºC with support from electric heater.
  • Possibility of hybridisation with photovoltaic energy.
  • Touch-screen controller with 3 operating modes.
  • Single-phase power supply (230V).

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