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Energy management of the surplus of renewable electricity production

A compact solution for homes

The ecoSMART e-system is a unit designed for use in domestic installations to obtain more compact and efficient systems.

This unit includes a photovoltaic inverter, the e-manager and a number of electric batteries to be chosen according to needs, so that all the components of the photovoltaic installation are already included and do not need to be installed.

The ecoSMART e-system is compatible with single-phase domestic installations of less than 5 kW of renewable electricity production and can be connected to up to two lines of photovoltaic panels. It is compatible with all types of photovoltaic panels.

The storage capacity is modular and selectable. The ecoSMART e-system can integrate from 0 to 5 electric batteries of 2.4 kWh each, reaching a maximum storage capacity of 12 kWh, which is more than enough for domestic applications and consumption in individual homes.

These functionalities make it possible to reduce the energy bill by managing the surplus of renewable energy, controlling the electricity tariff and regulating the power consumed by the installation.


• Unique technology: European patent.

• Surplus management: storage of surplus renewable electricity as thermal energy.

• Tariff control: priority for the operation of the heat pump during off-peak electricity price periods.

• Power limitation: modulation of the power consumed by the heat pump in order not to exceed a maximum contracted power.

• Combination of ecoGEO+ and ecoAIR+ heat pumps with renewable electricity generation systems.

• Compatible with production systems: photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, etc.

• System to reduce or eliminate electric batteries for energy storage.

ecoSMART e-system

Energy managers

ecoSMART e-system


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