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Heat pump «ecoGEO+ 1-9»

Ecoforest domestic range of ground source heat pumps allows to reduce up to 80% of the energy consumption of a house, using a renewable source of energy that minimizes the CO2 emissions to the environment.

Our R&D department, after several years of development, was able to produce a very compact and easy to install heat pump keeping on it all the controls necessary to regulate your house temperature. Thanks to the Inverter technology and ecoGEO+ controls strategies, the ground source heat pump ecoGEO+ is the most versatile and intelligent heat pump available in the market. Unlike tradictional heat pumps, the ecoGEO+ adapts to the needs of the installation.


  • Power range: 1-9 kW
  • Heating production with a performance (COP, B0/W35) of up to 4.5, depending on the model
  • Quick and sensible control through internet, using ecoSMART easynet module
  • Integrated PV hybridisation
  • Active cooling production with a performance (EER, B35/W7) of up to 5.2, depending on the model
  • Integrated passive cooling in models C2 na C4. The ecoGEO+ controller also allows other models to control passive cooling with external plumbing
  • Domestic hot water production with integrated stainless steel tank of 165 litres
  • Emergency electrical inline heater incorporated, opcional in all models
  • Integrated HTR technlogy in models C3 and C4, opcional in models C1 and C2
  • Integrated cascade control of up to 3 units, extending the power range to a maximum of 66kW
  • Single phase (230V) and three phase (400V) power supply options


Heat pump ecoGEO+ 1-9

  • Power: 1-9 kW
  • Efficiency: Up to 500%.
  • Services: Heating, cooling and swimming pool heating
  • Hybridisation with photovoltaic energy
  • Emission systems: Radiators, underfloor heating, fan coil units
  • Renewable and clean energy – Geothermal
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Compact installations
  • Total control of your home without being there, ecoSMART easynet
  • H x W x D: B: 1058mm x 600mm x 710mm / C: 1851mm x 600mm  x 720mm

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