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Ground source heat pump

Ecoforest high power range of ground source heat pumps allows to reduce up to 80% of the energy consumption of the installation, using a renewable source of energy that minimizes the CO2 emissions to the environment.

Our R&D department, after several years of development, was able to develop algorithms that allows this heat pumps to simultaneous produce heating and cooling making them able to cover the thermal needs of most industries. Thanks to the Inverter technology and ecoGEO+ controls strategies, the ground source heat pump ecoGEO+ is the most versatile and intelligent heat pump available in the market. Unlike tradictional heat pumps, the ecoGEO+ adapts to the needs of the installation.


  • Power range: 12-40 kW / 15-70 kW / 25-100 kW
  • Heating production with a performance (COP, B0/W35) of up to 4.6, depending on the model
  • Active cooling production with a performance (EER, B35/W7) of up to 5.2, depending on the model
  • Total control of the instalaltion from anywhere through internet, ecoSMART easynet
  • Compatible with energy managers ecoSMART e-manager and e-system, which allows the use of renewable produced electricity to power the ecoGEO+ heat pumps
  • The ecoGEO+ controller manages and external plumbing system of passive cooling
  • Domestic hot water production with external cylinder
  • Cascade control with maximum efficiency algorithm and control of working ours using ecoSMART Supervisor module, extending the power range to a maximum of 600kW
  • Three phase power supply (400V)
  • Dimensions 1000x950x900mm


Heat Pump ecoGEO+ High Power

  • Power: 12-40kW / 15-70kW / 25-100kW

  • Simultaneous production of heating and cooling.

  • Installations up to 600kW. Connection and control of the maximum efficiency. Cascades of up to 6 units.

  • Full control and monitoring of the system, ecoSMART easynet

  • Integrated PV hybridisation
  • Possibility to manage up to 4 energy sources (aerothermal and/or geothermal)

  • H x W x D : 1063mm x 870mm x 785mm

Other models

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