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Heat pump «ecoGEO+ 2-10 PRO»

Domestic ground source heat pump with Inverter technology and natural refrigerant R290 

In December 2020 Ecoforest launched the ecoGEO+ 1-6 PRO model and became the first European manufacturer to launch a ground source heat pump with natural refrigerant R290. In November 2023, the range was extended with the ecoGEO+ 2-10 PRO and ecoGEO+ 4-16 PRO models to meet the needs of any installation with the advantages of natural refrigerant:  

  • A forward-looking refrigerant: the natural refrigerant R290 has a global warming coefficient 700 times lower than that of synthetic refrigerants. As a result, the European Union has chosen natural refrigerants as the path for the future development of the HVAC sector in the European Union. 
  • Versatility: high flow temperature up to 70ºC, allowing the replacement of boilers in installations with radiators.
  • Indoor installation: with a ventilation system that makes them suitable for any boiler room.

In addition, the ecoGEO+ PRO range has Ecoforest’s  efficiency and hybridisation capacity. Ecoforest’s distinctive management software allows the heat pump to adapt its operation to the needs of the installation, resulting in a greater efficiency.

In the case of installations with photovoltaics (PV), the heat pumps match perfectly the photovoltaic production to pave the way to a net zero building.

Ecoforest R290 ground source heat pump ecoGEO+ 2-10 PRO


  • Power range: 2-10 kW
  • Efficiency: Up to 500%
  • Inverter technology with wide modulation ranges.  
  • R290 refrigerant: global warming index (GWP) of 3. 
  • Suitable for indoor installation.
  • Flow temperature up to 70ºC.
  • DHW production up to 75ºC.
  • Services: heating, domestic hot water (DHW), active and passive cooling, and pool heating.
  • Hybridisation with photovoltaic energy.  
  • Emission systems: radiators, underfloor heating, fan coils.
  • Total control of your installation: integrated energy meters and internet control with ecoSMART easynet.  
  • Available in Basic and Compact models.  
  • Compact installations: Compact models with integrated DHW tank.
  • Single-phase (230V) or three-phase (400V) power supply depending on the model.  
  • Optimised design to reduce noise levels.  
  • Compatible with High Temperature Recovery system (HTR): technology for simultaneous production of energy-saving services. 
  • Cascade configuration with up to 3 units (30 kW). 


ecoGEO+ 2-10 PRO

  • Power: 2-10 kW
  • Sustainability: natural refrigerant R290.  
  • Efficiency: Up to 500%.
  • Versatility: suitable for retrofitting.  
  • In-built hybridisation with photovoltaics as standard.
  • Services: heating, domestic hot water (DHW), active and passive cooling and pool heating. 
  • H x W x D: B: 1051mm x 609mm x 716mm / C: 1943mm x 609mm x 724mm

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