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Air source units: Domestic AU range

The combination of our ecoGEO+ heat pumps and our AU outdoor units offers a combination of the ecoGEO+ heat pump with aerothermal or hybrid heat pump with aerothermal outdoor units in homes. The advantages of these systems include the ability to reduce installation costs and maintain power in installations where it is not possible to meet the demand solely through geothermal collection. In this way, this system with aerothermal collection can also benefit from the HTR technology of the ecoGEO+ heat pumps.

Domestic AU range, a better way to make aerothermal energy

The AU6, AU12 and AU 22 aerothermal units can be used as a collector source. The AU range can be used as a collection source for our ecoGEO+ heat pumps, replacing or complementing geothermal collection (exclusive Ecoforest hybridisation) in installations where geothermal boreholes are not possible or are limited.

Technical data and advantages

  • Fully hydronic installation without additional refrigerant charge.
  • No distance limitation between outdoor unit and heat pump.
  • Unique defrosting technology: defrosting at compressor standstill with no need for cycle reversal to reduce cycle time and reptitivity.
  • Seasonal yields considerably higher than those of conventional aerothermics.
  • Control via the Internet with the ecoSMART easynet kit.
  • Weight: 54 kg / 92 kg / 175 kg
  • Outdoor temperature range: -12ºC to 42ºC
  • Sizes: 670 x 790 x 500 / 900 x 1000 x 600 / 900 x 1800 x 600
Air source units: Domestic AU range

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Air source units: Domestic AU range

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