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Hacienda Doña Juana - Hybrid collection

Located in La Fortuna de Rivas-Vacia Madrid, it is very close to the centre of Madrid. The urbanization consists of a total of 92 single-family houses with the possibility of 3 or 4 rooms. It also has a common area with places designed for sports and recreation. The system installed is new in Spain, being the first installation in our country where it is combined a collecting system hybrid between air source and ground source. The installation use radiant and cooling floor for heating and cooling.

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All the Ecoforest technology, the perfect combination

There are 92 eco-sustainable homes, of which 70 have 3 bedrooms and the remaining 22 have 4 or more. They are distributed in 9 portals, which are located around a powerful common area with sports facilities, generous terraces in all the houses, double orientations, interior distributions optimized to the maximum, wide and luminous rooms, magnificent qualities and an innovative production system  of renewable HVAC by the hybridization of heat pumps using as collection system the air and the ground, the distribution of the heat is made by radiant and refreshing floor of high energy benefits.

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Ground Source

Ground source energy is one of the most important energy resources and still not sufficiently known in our country, can be exploited under certain technical ,economic and environmental conditions for thermal uses. Spain, due to its location and climate, offers many possibilities for the development of the implementation of this energy and there are more and more economic agents that use this energy as a source of resources. In this project, GEOTER executed a system of vertical perforations, requiring a total of 32 boreholes at a depth of 125 metres each. This dimensioning was carried out taking into account the geology of the subsoil analysed. The ground source covers the base of the HVAC system and the air source covers the peaks of demand. This geothermal base was determined, under calculations of the demands of the building and previous study of the land, in a 60% of the total energy of the HVAC.

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Air Source

Additionally, working with the same production system, there are elements capable of collecting or dissipating the energy in the air. To operate with this second energy source, GEOTER installed two exchange modules with the external air of 121 kW of power each. These elements are located on the roof of the building and complement the ground source system. To enable the combination of both the geothermal and the aerothermal collection systems, the ecoSMART e-source source manager is required, which we will describe below.

For the energy production GEOTER has installed a total of 500kW of power that is covered from five heat pumps of 100 kW each. For the selection of the heat pump, a technical/economic study was carried out by choosing the ECOFOREST brand and model HP3 25-100 kW. This is an equipment that met all the necessary requirements, standing out because it has high performance levels and has inverter technology, which allows maximum efficiency to be obtained by adapting the operation of the heat pump to the required thermal load. In addition, the combination of heat pump and outdoor air exchange units was chosen because it has many advantages over conventional air conditioning, offering exceptional performance and being a unique system for defrosting with the compressor stopped and without reversing the cycle. In addition, it has a much longer component life than a conventional aerothermal system and in this case it offers the possibility of integration within a hybrid geothermal-aerothermal collection configuration.

Energy manager (e-source)

The ecoSMART e-source manager is an electronic control designed to manage several energy collection sources simultaneously. It can work with a single ecoGEO HP heat pump or with a cascade of several ecoGEO HP heat pumps controlled by an ecoSMART supervisor. To do this you must establish a bus plan communication with the heat pump or heat pump cascade.

Functionality of the e-source:

- Management of up to four independent collection sources

- Management of defrosting of air sources


- Reduction of costs associated with drilling

- Possibility of realizing hybrid installations in high power

- Possibility to carry out installations where there are drilling limitations

- Management of the defrosting of the exclusive aerothermic sources ( without stopping the compressor ).


Installation data:

  Location: Madrid (Spain)

  Year: 2020

  Category: Híbrida: Geotermia y Aerotermia

  Model: 5 x ecoGEO HP 25-100

  Power: 500 kW

  Services: Heating, cooling and DHW 


The Ecoforest group was founded in Vigo in 1959 at the hands of its owner and founder Jose Carlos Alonso Martínez, specializing in the heating sector. In 1993, Ecoforest became the first European manufacturer of pellet hydro stoves, bringing to the market a new, ecological and economic product.

Currently, Ecoforest is the leading company in the market with the widest range of pellet stoves and boilers. In 2012, Ecoforest decided to bet in another innovative technology and launched its first ground source heat pump to the market, being the only Spanish manufacturer of this product and the most specialized in inverter technology on the planet.

The R&D department of Ecoforest continues to innovate every day, in order to develop more advanced and more efficient products. Currently Ecoforest products can be found in more than 30 countries around the world.


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