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Bath Abbey. Isoenergy instalación con bombas de calor de Ecoforest.

Bath Abbey – Open-loop collection

  • Location: Bath, United Kingdom
  • Category: Ground-source heat pumps
  • Model: 2 ecoGEO+ HP
  • Services : Heating and DHW
  • Installer: isoenergy

Two Ecoforest ecoGEO+ HP high power heat pumps are responsible for providing heating and domestic hot water (DHW) to Bath Abbey in England, a building of historical value located in the thermal city of Bath (UK).

The installation involves capturing up to 200 kW of thermal energy from the city’s thermal springs, which maintain a constant temperature of 37°C throughout the year, to heat the abbey and the adjoining office building via underfloor heating.

Together with Ecoforest, the companies isoenergy, Emery Building Contractors and Wheelers collaborated on this particular installation, which has at all times respected the materials, aesthetics and character of a historic building, while improving its energy efficiency and reducing its electricity bill. Among other measures, the companies involved used heat exchangers specially designed to resist the corrosive properties of thermal water.  

The ecoGEO+ HP heat pump is designed to meet the demands of installations of up to 600 kW, where it can operate in cascades of up to 6 units, and meet the demands of domestic hot water, heating and cooling simultaneously.

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