Embajadores Project - 40 Homes - Ground-source heat pumps
Edificio del proyecto embajadores con geotermia

Embajadores Project – 40 Homes – Ground-source heat pumps

  • Localization: Madrid, Spain
  • Category: Ground-source heat pumps
  • Model: 3 ecoGEO+ HP
  • Services : Chauffage, refroidissement actif et ECS
  • Installer: Pullenergy

In the heart of the capital, a geothermal installation is being carried out for a residential building, providing high added value with a system that is becoming increasingly widespread throughout Spain.

At Ecoforest, we have developed high-performance heat pumps that facilitate installation and save space, for all types of climates and all audiences.

The project consists of a total of 40 homes distributed in a seven-story building with typologies of two, three, and four bedrooms.

The development has access control through a concierge and 24-hour video surveillance. Additionally, the development has a gourmet social room.

Hall - Embajadores project

Efficient homes

Vía Célere is committed to innovating and implementing increasingly efficient systems, thus achieving sustainable buildings that are committed to the environment, as well as comfort and quality.

Residencial Célere Embajadores III is a nearly zero-energy consumption building thanks to the installation of geothermal heat pumps and compliance with the law for the insulation of new homes.

The building’s energy demand is less than 20 kWh per square meter per year, as established in the agreement of the Madrid City Council dated May 25, 2016.

A very important aspect to highlight in achieving these low energy consumption levels is the geothermal installation and A energy rating, which represents an estimated 89% savings in reducing CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in the building’s energy demand (heating, cooling, and hot water). This rating translates into an economic saving equivalent to around €800 per year, using a home with an F energy rating as a reference.

All homes have underfloor heating for heat emission and underfloor cooling for cooling emission. The underfloor heating system evenly distributes heat throughout the home and saves space by eliminating radiators and air conditioners.

The geothermal installation is equipped with reversible heat pump systems, ranging from 25 kW to 300 kW in capacity. The inverter systems have minimal inertia, and the hot water system is dimensioned for peak consumption, resulting in a compact and straightforward technical room given its power capacity. This fact has an impact on simple maintenance and space saving for other uses.

Ecoforest technical room - Embajadores project geothermal heat pump

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