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Spain: Family house in Nigran

Spain: Family house in Nigran

On the edge of Nigrán, close to Ecoforest’s new headquarters, lies this stylish, modern detached house. The owner of the house wanted to heat his home with the latest in renewable energy technology. To do this he decided to use a combination of Ecoforest heat pumps, with our own energy manager ‘e-system’ in order to take full advantage of the pre-existing photovoltaic panels. The objective was to reduce the electricity consumption of his home to a minimum, whilst also meeting his families heating needs, solely with green energy.

Inpoclima was brought in to take charge of the installation, due to their long succesful history in the field of air conditioning and plumbing.

Spain: Family house in Nigran

The heat pump model installed was an ecoGEO C4 HTR EH heat pump with power of 1-9 kW. In combination with the heat pump, an e-system energy manager was installed with two battery modules for the thermal and electrical storage of the energy surplus generated bythis installation. As a collection system, only one well with a depth of 90 meterswas used, significantly reducing the initial investment and taking advantage of the control strategies in the Ecoforest heat pumps, which allows the user to maximise use of the energy extracted from the ground. The photovoltaic installation consists of 16 photovoltaic panels that represent a total of 4.8 kW installed.

Throughout the entire year, the system uses heating and cooling to ensure that the temperature in the entire building never exceeds or drops below 23°, similarly the DHW always remains at 60°, and the Pool stays at a perfect 26°. Ordinarily achieving this in a 220m² building would be quite costly to say the least. However, thanks to all of the technologies Ecoforest provided, the energy bill never exceeded 120€, even in mid-winter.

In fact, providing the heating, cooling, electricity, DHW and energy for the pool for an entire year was only 1,215€. This feat is unheard of in any other similar sized properties housing a family of 4 with similar demands.

Installation data:

Location: Nigrán, Spain

Year: 2018

Category: Ground Source Heat pump

Model: 1x ecoGEO Compact 1-9kW

Power: 9 kW

Services: Heating, Cooling, DHW, and Photovoltaic Hybridization 

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