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Zugligeti Lóvasút. Geoconcept. Ecoforest heat pumps. Hungary.

Zugligeti – A ground-source heat pump in a historical building

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Category: Ground-source heat pump
  • Model: 3 ecoGEO+ HP
  • Power: 110 kW
  • Services : Heating, active cooling, passive cooling and DHW
  • Installer: Smartcool-Geoconcept

The Zugligeti Lóvasút Building is a piece full of history located in the heart of the Hungarian capital. This project consists of the reconstruction of the old railway station in Zugliet. The building was reconstructed in 2016 with the support of the Hungarian state and the FEAG, with the support of Hegvidéki Önkormányzat. Finally, it was reopened to the general public on September 17, 2017.

The company Smartcool Kft, the official distributor of Ecoforest in Hungary, carried out the entire air conditioning project for what was the final horse-drawn train station in Hungary.


The construction of this building dates back to the late 19th century, initially serving as the final station for the horse-drawn railway. Later, it became a simple stop that included other types of services inside the facilities, such as a post office. Finally, in 1977, it lost all functionality and was abandoned.

After several attempts, a reconstruction project was finally approved and the building was transformed into a museum with a café and restaurant, its current use.

Description of the installation

To provide service to this complex, two high-power Ecoforest geothermal heat pumps were installed. An ecoGEO HP1 12-40 kW and an ecoGEO HP3 15-70 kW. The ecoGEO HP1 geothermal heat pump is used for the production of domestic hot water and heating, while the ecoGEO HP3 is also used for cooling.

A passive cooling exchanger was installed, which is managed by the ecoGEO HP1 12-40 heat pump to cool the collection area and recover energy from the wells during the summer. This means that active and passive cooling are being produced simultaneously. This is possible thanks to the technology of Ecoforest heat pumps, which allow for great versatility.

The collection system is a geothermal system consisting of a total of 24 wells made by vertical drilling. Due to the location and terrain, the maximum depth of these wells is 80 meters each, which amounts to a total of 1920 meters drilled.

Bombas de calor de alta potencia instalando un intercambiador ecogeohp1

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